New research conducted by Consorzio Tutela Prosecco DOC has revealed that, contrary to general belief, more men in the UK buy Prosecco DOC than women.

The surprising result reveals that amongst the eight million consumers of Prosecco in the UK, 56% of all Prosecco purchasers at retail are men. “Women are known to be the larger buyers of wine in the UK, as many include wine within the weekly grocery shop, but our research shows that when men are the primary food and drink buyers in households, they show a greater propensity to choose Prosecco,” says Stefano Zanette President of the Consorzio.

“Much of the marketing for Prosecco has been targeted at women, so these results are doubly surprising, and we will be conducting further research to establish in more detail our target drinkers by age and lifestyle.”

Based on the current findings, the Corsorzio has refined its communications platform, Prosecco Dreamland, to represent a stronger lifestyle presentation of the Prosecco DOC region. The campaign focusses on the art, food and culture of North-East Italy and the Veneto region, bringing to the fore its famous Prosecco wines which are positioned as an accessible luxury, perfect to enjoy with pizza, or included in cocktails, and a true reflection of the modern easy lifestyle of the area.

Another aspect of the research shows that consumers of Prosecco are less likely to be amongst the heavy ‘binge-drinking’ groups, they are largely medium (52%) and medium to lighter (47%) level drinkers who appreciate the flavour, freshness and lightness that Prosecco DOC delivers.

The UK is the largest export market for Prosecco. The Consorzio was established in 2009, and nine years later, sales have doubled. The town of Asolo now produces 10 million bottles of Prosecco DOC a year, and there are 12,000 wine growers in the Prosecco region who are working with the Consorzio.

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