Good news for all those who value the brand credentials and performance of Araldite adhesives is that an increased product range is now stocked by Decco Home and Garden outlets and selected products are featured in the RS Components on-line catalogue.


Decco, which commands over 350,000 square feet of warehousing space in nine regional locations for its Home and Garden businesses has added to its core Araldite offer with a range introduced earlier this year that includes Araldite Super Glue in both Liquid and Gel 3g tubes, plus Araldite Instant Fix, Araldite Crystal Fix and Araldite Outdoor Fix ‘grab’ adhesives.

Araldite’s decision to extend its range of DIY adhesives well beyond its traditional base of two-part epoxies has shown that the brand’s credentials are readily accepted by users across the spectrum of adhesive types.

Araldite products are also an established choice for the many thousands of professional users, ranging from sole trader ‘handymen’ to SMEs with an established client base and numerous employees.

RS Components is a favoured source of product for many of those traders and Araldite’s range features at the very front of the company’s extensive online catalogue, which runs to an impressive 555,000 products.

The Araldite range of carded adhesives was entirely revitalized just a couple of years ago and the ‘Professional’ tag which the company included on all its packs has enabled stockists to find customers in both the consumer and trade sectors.

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