Cocofina is a natural coconut water drink made from the juice of tender young coconuts. It’s naturally isotonic so it re-hydrates the body just like a sports drink. And the product’s healthy combination of vitamins and minerals help to maintain good physical condition. Available in three fruity flavours, the range blends perfectly with alcohol to make exotic cocktails – and the un-mixed product can help with re-hydration if those delicious cocktails prove too tempting!

Tracy Anderson, personal trainer to the stars, recommends coconut water to her clients as part of their fitness regimes. And the celebrity interest is certainly helping to boost sales. In the US, Beverage Marketing has forecast coconut water sales to increase by 100% as consumers switch from bottled water to other healthy alternatives. Cocofina, a British brand, has been operating in the UK for over 6 years and is the European leader in this new category.

Cocofina’s founder, Jacob Thundil, re-discovered his childhood passion for coconut water while relaxing on a beach in Brazil. Sipping juice from a green coconut and remarking on its natural freshness, Jacob began to think: “How many times have I bought a commercial fruit drink only to find out that it contained more artificial flavour, sweeteners and colours than it did fruit?” Jacob says; “I realised that I was tired of all the so-called fruit drinks that were filled with 2% real juice and 98% science laboratory. I wanted to do something different with the Cocofina brand.”

And he has. Products in the Cocofina range incorporate premium ingredients such as ginseng, chamomile and green tea. And Cocofina are the first coconut water company in the world to combine the isotonic properties of coconut water with the antioxidant properties of tea.

Cocofina Ltd

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