Mission, the company behind the world’s number one best-selling wraps, is introducing the first ever range containing super seeds and sourdough. Mission Simply Good Quinoa & Chia and Mission Simply Good Sourdough & Linseed are launching into retail now. 

Created to meet the consumer demand for products that contain ‘better for you’ ingredients, the wraps are high in fibre and deliver the benefit of additional texture in addition to making people feel fuller for longer.

“Latest research showed that consumers are changing their habits when it comes to food,” said Ieva Dvilinskiene, senior brand manager at Mission. “Instead of focusing on what to take out of diets, they are instead turning their attention to those products that add ‘good’ into their meals, such as fibre or protein.

“Our Simply Good range takes the advantages of consuming super seeds and sourdough and adds them to a versatile product, that’s easy to consume. Our intention is to make products that are easy to use, offer a health benefit and inspire consumers to have more exciting mealtimes. The daily recommended intake of fibre for an adult is 30g, yet average consumption in the UK is only 18g. Fibre has been shown to improve gut health and the Quinoa & Chia and Sourdough & Linseed wraps add 4.5g and 2.4g of fibre respectively per wrap to daily intake levels.”

In addition to the superfood grains, sourdough adds prebiotic[1] benefits to the diet of and is perceived to be a more premium offer by consumers.

“We’re highlighting health benefits prominently on pack and we have also included recipe inspiration to make the purchase decision even easier. The products will be perfect for pre-family consumers and so-called ‘empty nesters’, who tend to search for granary bakery options. As a result we’ve also created a smaller pack format for these audiences,” concludes Dvilinskiene.

The Mission Simply Good range will be available in pack formats of six and will have a MRSP of £1.50.

[1] Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that benefit the host by selectively stimulating the growth or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon.

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