mintellogoThe world can be a stressful place. With hectic lifestyles, less family time and other financial headaches, it often feels like modern life has consumers on the edge. However, it seems Brits would rather take the pain than swallow the pill as according to new research from Mintel, today as many as 57% of the nation believe it’s best to try and fight the pain for as long as possible before taking non-prescription painkillers. Just a quarter (24%) of Brits admit to resorting to non-prescription painkillers at the first sign of pain.

Indeed, new research from Mintel finds that while as many as 30.4 million (71%) Brits claim to have suffered from headaches or migraines in the past six months, the analgesics market in the UK has stagnated over the past five years, valued at £582 million in 2008 and around the same (£583 million) in 2012.

Mintel’s research highlights consumer concerns surrounding non-prescription pain remedies. Becoming over reliant on non-prescription pain killers is a worry for 56% of Brits while 40% believe it is better to treat pain with natural remedies first, for example exercise or homeopathic medicine.

Around the same number (39%) are concerned about the side effects of non-prescription pain remedies. The research goes on to look at attitudes towards pain, and finds as many as three quarters (74%) of consumers admit they get frustrated when a pain gets in the way of things they want to do. Additionally, around half (52%) say suffering from pain makes them feel old and for two in five (43%) pain interferes with their social life.

And it seems that women really do suffer more headaches than men, indeed, a higher number (78%) of women claim to have experienced headaches or migraines in the last 6 months, compared to 64% of men.

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