The UK men’s toiletries market performed strongly in 2012, with a 7% growth from 2011 figures.

mintellogoFollowing a strong year in 2012, 2013 has seen a slowdown in sales growth for the men’s toiletries market, with estimated annual growth of just 0.2% resulting in a market value of £590 million. A stronger performance from the men’s skincare segment has offset declines for deodorants and bodysprays, which fell by 2.5%. The male skincare market has benefitted from a growing user base, as men become increasingly comfortable using these products.

Men are taking a more relaxed approach to grooming in 2013, some 84% of men agree with any relaxed attitude, compared to 79% for well-groomed. This can be attributed to following fashion trends which have seen a less polished appearance and beards become popular.

The male population aged over 55 is forecast to see most growth from 2013-18, and are the most likely to prefer a clean-shaven look (only 36% do not shave daily). Encouraging more men of this age to use shaving preparations presents an opportunity to boost a declining market.

Only a third of men (32%) do not feel the need to dress to impress, dropping from 42% in 2012. Partnering with fashion retailers to show men which grooming products complement which clothing styles, can appeal to men shopping in the category.

In terms of body concerns, the report finds hair concerns are most common among men, with three in ten suffering from thinning hair/hair loss, rising to 38% among men aged 45 and over. Greying hair is a concern for 25% of men, rising to 37% among 45-54-year-olds. While hair loss and grey hairs are an issue for older men, younger generations also have hair concerns with the 16-24-year-olds being the most likely to suffer from dandruff (27%), a dry/itchy scalp (22%) and greasy hair (23%). Hair products have seen value sales increase by 1.6% annually in 2013, signifying men’s interest in this area, and further product innovation presents an opportunity for further growth.

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