Save energy, save money and work towards carbon emission targets with Marshall-Tufflex’s integrated range of energy saving solutions for the commercial sector.


The British manufacturer has further expanded its portfolio, allowing it to work with retail clients and their energy management advisers across a number of approaches, from wireless multi-location energy monitoring to reducing electricity costs and heating/hot water bills.

Its latest launch is the Commercial Boiler Manager, suitable for single or linked pairs of boilers under a common header where output exceeds 30kW. The unit digitally controls the firing cycle of gas, oil and LPG boilers, reducing unnecessary boiler cycling. This typically cuts running costs by 20% (subject to usage pattern). It is comparable with most boiler plants managed by a BMS. And, because the boiler/s are not required to work so hard, their lifespan is extended.

For retailers wishing to tackle electricity bills, Marshall-Tufflex offers a market-leading range of voltage optimisation solutions, from its Voltis ECO range (100A to 400A 3 phase) which provide an entry level standard ‘step-down’ solution with multi-tap transformer, to the sophisticated Voltis PRO intelligent range (100A to 400A 3 phase) for installations where intelligent control and automatic bypass functions are required together with a multi-tap transformer to enable site specific settings. For single phase supplies Voltis 100Amp single phase is an off-the-shelf unit with intelligent control and automatic bypass for small to medium sized installations such as smaller supermarkets and convenience stores. Intelligent control gives users peace of mind that Voltis will protect power to site and maximise savings 24/7. The existing Voltis range is available for installations above 400Amps.

For many clients managing energy bills starts with better understanding usage and for this Marshall-Tufflex offers a range of Sinergy sub-metering solutions designed to measure and report on power usage, from one location to any number, with fixed and portable monitors available. For clients serious about tackling energy usage Sinergy sub-meters can be configured to report into a central control centre enabling live data to be visible via a personalised dashboard. For example this may be installed on the PC of an organisation’s energy manager or streamed live to a screen in the organisation’s reception area. The Sinergy Pulse Plus meters are particularly pertinent for retail multiples, delivering accurate power measurement and recording with data reporting wirelessly over the mobile phone network, making it perfect for monitoring geographically dispersed locations.


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