• Maldon Perfectly Crushed Salt Mill is now the fastest growing branded mill in the total salt category with sales up 45% YOY.
  • Maldon Perfectly Crushed Original Salt Mill is the ideal solution for the shopper – it is re-usable, re-fillable with Original packs 125g or 250g, hygienic and fully recyclable.
  • Now listed in Tesco, Morrisons and Ocado.

Master Salt Makers, Maldon, is experiencing rapid growth with its Perfectly Crushed Salt Mills (+45% YOY) as more and more convenience driven consumers choose this new convenient, re-usable and refillable format at home. 

Perfect for the dining table, or for quick use during cooking, Maldon’s refillable and adjustable sea salt flake mills, have proven to be a huge hit with shoppers at Tesco, Morisons and Ocado. Its impressive level of sales over the last year has elevated Maldon to the  no.2 position in the premium branded salt mills sector by value.

With 20% of the value of the salt category now coming from the total mills sector (all brands and private label), that’s £7.2 million sales annually (+15% YOY),  it highlights the long-term trend of consumers switching to premium salt and demanding increased convenience in the home. In the total mills sector (all brands and private label) an impressive 3.9 million units were sold in the last 12 months, that’s a volume increase of +12%. 

Maldon Salt Global Commercial Director, Robert La Francesca comments: “We are absolutely delighted with the performance of our Perfectly Crushed Salt Mills over the last 12 months. This success demonstrates why our consumers love having the choice of adding a contemporary twist of Maldon salt to their dishes or using a traditional pinch from our range of boxed salt. Not only are our mills a highly convenient way to elevate food, they are eco-friendly too because they can be easily refilled and re-used time and time again.”

He continues: “The trend of switching to more premium salt continues as the category value of the premium segments combined is now worth £24m (+12% YOY) that’s a massive 65% share of the total salt category. As the original flake salt, we remain at the forefront of this movement to better quality, premium salt and in partnership with our customers we are perfectly placed to capitalize on sales and drive long-term category growth.”

Using unique traditional methods, Maldon’s salt flakes are harvested to ensure they are perfect in taste and texture. The grinders ensure each salt flake is perfectly crushed with a simple twist, either on a coarse or fine setting, adjusted to preference. Maldon Salt can be added to savoury and sweet dishes, and even to cocktails, to elevate flavour to the maximum.

The Maldon Perfectly Crushed Original Salt Mills are listed in Tesco, Morrisons, Ocado and other quality food retailers. RRP from £3.50 / 55g.

* All data unless otherwise stated is Nielsen SCANTRAK 52 WE 07.03.20 GB Grocery Mults 

Maldon is the original premium quality salt, handcrafted the traditional way since 1882. Natural and pure, it’s a highly versatile ingredient. To find out more, visit: www.maldonsalt.co.uk

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