The UK launch of Magma de Cabreiroá was held at Bombay Brasserie restaurant on 14th April and was a great success and was attended by food and drink journalists, restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Galicia, in north-west Spain, has long had an association with water. Its rugged and beautiful landscape, with its myriad of rivers, has even been called the “land of the thousand rivers”.

This famed Spanish region has also produced a uniquely different and refreshing mineral water, Magma de Cabreiroá.

Natural in taste, the mineral water has a long and distinguished history behind its formation, which has lasted for hundreds of years.

The Cabreiroá aquifer is a rainwater aquifer in the town of Verin, in one of Galicia’s best-preserved areas of countryside. The rainwater runs through the cracks in the granite massif and then they filter through different layers of granite and quartzite. 3000 m underground, the water reaches a temperature of 100°C and mixes with the carbon dioxide from the magma as it escapes through the Regua Verín fault.

At this temperature water mixes with the CO2 that rises up from the magma before it is pushed back to the surface. After it has been filtered for a second time on its way up, magma is collected at 150 m underground.

Magma de Cabreiroá is not a still mineral water – it even has the tiny bubbles of natural carbon dioxide from the Earth’s magma. Yet, when you drink it, the bubbles are hardly noticeable because it isn’t sparkling mineral water either. Instead, it’s a well-balanced “semi-sparkling mineral water” or “middle water”.

“This is one of the best mineral waters you can drink when enjoying a fine dining experience,” says Ignacio Rivera, CEO of Magma de Cabreiroá. “The combination of bicarbonate and natural gas stimulates the palate and makes food taste even better. Some of Spain’s finest Michelin-starred chefs Pepe Solla (Casa Solla) and Xosé Torres Cannas (Pepe Vieira ‘Camiño da Serpe), who are also our product ambassadors, vouch as much. Magma de Cabreiroá also makes for a perfect ingredient in cocktails.”

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Packaged in aluminum so as to protect it from light, which causes oxidation, Magma de Cabreiroá retains its properties intact for millennia. The packaging also makes it stand out.

The impressive dark colouring of the bottle also gives a sense of anticipation to consumers as the water is unveiled to them for the first in the light.

With the UK bottled water market worth several billion pounds and discerning consumers increasingly seeking the health benefits of drinking bottled water, Magma de Cabreiroá will be targeted through a series of channels, including wholesalers, fine dining restaurants, gastropubs, bars, hotels and quality supermarket multiples.

Magma de Cabreiroá is under the sole ownership of Hijos de Rivera SA Group, which produces and markets the exclusive source of Cabreiroá spring and all its products (Cabreiroá still and sparkling Mineral Natural and Magma de Cabreiroá). Hijos de Rivera SA also owns the world famous Estrella Galicia Beer. In 2006, the group celebrated its first centenary.

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