Health & safety, sustainable economic growth, strong societal commitments …Mademoiselle Desserts have been working for 15 years on their CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility) and shares its results regularly and transparently (the 12th CSR Report can be seen here). Among numerous actions carried out by the Group: modification of the core company values, investment and implementing policies benefiting the health and safety of employees, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of waste, health and safety improvements within the manufacturing process, use of raw materials from responsible and labeled sectors, associated commitments. 

Mademoiselle Desserts is proud to announce in April 2022 that they have achieved B Corp™ CERTIFICATION. This is awarded to companies with a positive societal and environmental impact.

B Corp™ : The Holy Grail of responsible companies

It is vital to accelerate the move towards a more inclusive, contributory, and regenerative economy. B Corp™ is an international community for businesses which provide a commitment to their people and our Planet; a free and accessible impact management and measurement tool for all. It is incredibly hard to obtain: organisations need to go above and beyond to be awarded a certification which demonstrates an adherence and commitment to the highest social and environmental standards. Today, 5,000 companies of all sizes, across multiple sectors, in 77 countries, are putting their social, societal and environmental impact at the heart of their core values and their business models. For more information:

For the past three years, Mademoiselle Desserts have been working to obtain this recognition. It represents the Group’s activities among all sites based across France, the UK and the Netherlands. 

Health, safety and quality of life at work: priority one

The group makes the health and safety of its employees its number one priority. Thus, the Valade production site (24) has successfully passed the ISO 45001 certification audit. This international standard aims to improve Occupational Health and Safety (OSH). After a test phase launched in 2018 on several production teams, muscle warm-up workshops were set up. Objectives: To reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders, but also to strengthen group cohesion and improve the integration of new recruits.

Mademoiselle Desserts UK sites won a silver and two golds at the RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Health & Safety Awards, one of the most prestigious and recognised schemes in the world. The award recognises best practice and helps the business focus on areas for improvement.

Within the “Safety M” collective, all safety managers develop and apply a homogeneous OSH management policy: internal audits on all sites, sharing of good practices, joint actions, etc.

Optimization of the environmental impact 

Mademoiselle Desserts is implementing an action plan to reduce its energy consumption and limit its carbon footprint: freight optimization, waste reduction, investment in more environmentally friendly equipment, water management, purchases of raw materials, reduction of packaging.

To go further, the group has launched the PACK M program, an initiative that aims to reduce the amount of plastic packaging and make greater use of recycled materials. In 2021, Mademoiselle Desserts reduced its plastic consumption by 10 tons by reworking the thickness and weight of its packaging. The group’s carbon impact decreased by 8% compared to 2019.

Gluten free, vegan, organic ranges… and increasingly simplified labels

To meet the growing demands of consumers, Mademoiselle Desserts have evolved perfectly by focusing on the vegan and gluten free market. Its range of certified desserts has won several awards (6 Great Taste Awards over the last 3 years) and continues to grow: Caramel Shortcake, Carrot Cake, Brownie, Vegan Traybakes, Vegetable Chocolate Fondant and many more. In 2021, sales increased by 11% on gluten-free and 7% on vegan products.

Also, to boost the category and bring out the Organic Pastry segment, Mademoiselle Desserts have had 4 of its production sites certified as Organic, guaranteeing traceability in its manufacturing processes. Its ambition: to offer a range of organic pastries composed of everyday consumer products, simple and good, favoring locally sourced raw materials.

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