You can call off your search for the best means of pallet wrapping as there is only one sensible way of securing a pallet load – the waste-free, time and cost saving Loadhog Lid.


The Loadhog Pallet Lid is a waterproof, robust plastic injection moulded lid which, by totally eliminating one-trip packaging in the supply chain, saves significant labour time and money and is also environmentally friendly.

The Loadhog Lid incorporates an integrated tensioning mechanism and retractable straps, which can be branded to a customer’s requirements. Once the load is built, and the Loadhog Lid is positioned on the top, the straps are drawn out of the sides of the lid, taken down the load’s sides and located under the wood or plastic pallets by strong hooks.

There is no need to move the load to a different securing area as it is can be locked for security in the same area by tensioning the simple ratchet mechanism within the lid. The entire process of securing every load using the Loadhog Lid takes less than 17 seconds – using wrapping or banding would have taken two minutes!

Can you believe it? No mention of disposable plastic packaging, or machinery to apply stretch wrapping, or banding, as they are not necessary anywhere else in the supply chain when using Loadhog Lids to secure pallet loads, thereby saving substantial material cost and labour time.

In transit, double stacking is ‘a breeze’ with the Loadhog Lid which creates a dedicated platform offering unrivalled stability to prevent pallet collapse and ensuring secure, tamper-proof goods delivery.

On a load’s arrival at its destination, the Loadhog Lid is removed quickly with one click at each strap position. The re-usable Loadhog Lid, which is available in UK, Euro, Half Euro and US sizes, can then be stacked neatly, until next required, or 100% re-cycled.

Already in use with multi-national market leaders in automotive, retail and postal industries, the Loadhog Lid is available on rental, based on usage rates, as well as on outright purchase.

Just imagine – no shrink wrap or banding to pay for, to be tripped over, to be picked up, to be wasted or to be disposed of and no knives to be bought, plus more faster, secure, stable operations. What more can you ask for? So your search can stop with the Loadhog Lid.

Loadhog Lid

Glenn Bills

Tel: 0114 228 00826


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