POWERBRANDS A/S is Europe’s leading organic soft drinks company, yet you may not have even heard of them before. However that’s all set to change, largely due to their re-branded Little Miracles range of ”Meaningful Drinks To Do You Good.”

PowerBrands A/S is a member of the Danish based private enterprise Norslund Group A/S., owned and managed by Jorn Senger.

Norslund can trace its roots back to 1772 when the Norslund Estate was founded. Originally a traditional farming business, Norslund has in recent years expanded its activities to cover a wide variety of business ventures, including such diverse fields as pet food and horse snacks, gardening tools, cleaning and household utensils – in addition, of course, to health and wellness soft drinks, organic energy drinks and energy shots produced from natural organic ingredients.

PowerBrands A/S is a fully owned subsidiary with head office at the Norslund Estate in Denmark and an international sales office in Central London, U.K. led by highly experienced management from the UK and International soft drinks business.

The PowerBrands products

The idea behind the PowerBrands products was developed by Jorn Senger, following intensive travelling in China some years ago. Here he learned about the special properties of the Chinese Ginseng root and a traditional Ginseng formula that allegedly enabled farmers to double their efforts at harvest time.

Having thus discovered the origin of the story, Jorn Senger returned to Denmark with samples that he reworked into a powerful concentrate. The secret lies in using only carefully selected Panax Ginseng in its purest form.

The PowerShot energy booster was subsequently launched on the Danish market in 2005. Since then, several million units of the original PowerShot have been sold throughout Europe.

The PowerShot range of organic energy drinks was introduced in late 2009, and has been marketed with considerable success in the UK and in several European markets.

But Jorn Senger, the Founder and his team have not been content with that as Jorn comments: ”The success of our 3 Powershot Organic Energy Drinks has given us the courage to rename and redesign the brand, so that it perfectly reflects what we believe is the future for Health and Wellbeing Drinks within a more mainstream market environment.

Little Miracles are created on the back of Powershot Organic Energy Drinks, the world’s first range of Organic Energy Drinks.”

Big Success for Little Miracles

Little Miracles is a new name, a new look and a new label but still the same great tasting and refreshing beverages packed full of nature’s goodness looking brightly into the future.

Tony Parente, Powershot UK MD says, “As a whole the Sports & Energy category have targeted a younger, predominately male consumer.

They have largely adopted ‘do more / go further / live hard, play hard’ strategies. Little Miracles, on the other hand, are 100% natural with full organic accreditation, healthy, additives free, non-carbonated and predominantly targeted to women, without alienating men.

“In these recessionary times food and beverages that deliver a credible benefit that convinces consumers will survive and grow the market in which we operate. However, as new market niches are developing, so too are the market categories becoming more specialised, resulting in positively shifting the boundaries traditionally established by the carbonated energy soft drinks market onto new ground such as novel products that are organic, fair traded, or that are free from stimulants or provide endurance.

The future remains bright in terms of growth, profitability and choice, particularly beyond the established competitors.”

With growing attacks in the UK from the media and health professionals, perhaps there is now also a growing need to drive an agenda for change so that the sector can be more tightly regulated through a reclassification of the sector that also includes a real commitment to Marketing standards in media targeted to children under the age of 16.

Why Little Miracles are Different

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks are an energising fusion of nature’s most revitalising super fruits and purest Organic White, Green or Black Tea, blended with the power of ginseng to give a refreshingly healthy lift. The wellness principle relies on the use of the very best of nature’s goodness to help us through our busy and often hectic lifestyle, whilst never compromising on either taste or high refreshment values.

This means the best of ingredients with the most valuable benefits, from all over the world. Ancient wisdom, with the benefits of organic plants, teas, fruits, berries and natural mineral water, is cleverly combined with a modern scientific twist.

In addition to Little Miracles, Organic Energy, a brand new range of exciting Little Miracles Functional Soft Drink products, carefully developed with consumer health and wellbeing in mind and supported by clinical evidence, will also soon be launched.

The Keys to Growth and Success

Ray Rohrbach, Powershot UK Sales Director, says: “Little Miracles will focus on three key areas which we believe will be integral to our success: social media, brand placement and celebrity endorsements, and in terms of merchandising, we at Little Miracles believe that the sector can be complemented by brand offerings on the established fixtures that provide a choice for balance and inherent naturalness; purity, authenticity and real nutritional values should be encouraged with credible health claims and single clear benefits that are complemented by simple choice, simple language, easy to read/understand/use packs; Little Miracles are a heavenly fit!”

Little Miracles launched at IFE 2011

Little Miracles were showcased at IFE 2011 at Excel in London, to a flattering welcome from UK and International trade and industry visitors.

Frederik Senger, Export Manager, comments: “The fast-track success we experienced under the original brand name of Powershot Organic Energy Drinks in markets outside the UK will in no doubt be exceeded with ease, further to the interest and enquires that the new look and new name of Little Miracles has so far generated from quality non-UK distributors. We have very exciting times ahead of us!”

For further information contact: sales@drinklittlemiracles.com or 0208 899 6680/6681

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