bbq-trays-rfresh-petWhen the sun finally comes out over the spring and summer, there is nothing better than a barbecue.

Barbie lovers want their food fresh, tasty and ready to go straight on to the hot grill – free from damage on the journey home from the supermarket.

Whether sold separately, or in mixed containers, LINPAC has the ideal solution for retailers and packers to ensure your burgers, sausages, corn on the cob, chicken or kebabs look appetising and ready for the grill.

In anticipation of the season, LINPAC Packaging has refreshed its range of trays dedicated to barbecues with several new products.

This year’s offering includes two new jumbo trays, one for sausages and a jumbo shingle burger tray suitable for 10 burgers. There are also two new meat ball trays for 25 or 20 balls.

Where ever possible, the trays have been designed for more than one product to give retailers and packers the flexibility in the mix of products they can offer consumers. New trays in the range include a tray suitable for eighteen meatballs or two grill steaks and another suitable for kebabs or for burgers.

LINPAC is aware of how important presentation is when it comes to displaying barbecue products in-store. Another innovative new tray is the stepped burger tray designed to give retailers the option of displaying the tray in a portrait format to save space on the shelf.

The trays, suitable for both MAP and overwrap applications, not only look good but prevent leakage of marinades and sauces. The trays are adaptable and can incorporate an absorbent base to keep unsightly juices locked away.

LINPAC has designed the BBQ range with the environment in mind as the full range is manufactured in rPET. The trays are available in clear or black.

LINPAC is unique in offering matching films, LINtop PE and LINtop PE HB, which are designed to be compatible with the trays for optimum sealing.

LINPAC’s BBQ range is available in a variety of sizes and depths and is designed to allow easy application of top and base labels.

Complementing the barbecue trays, LINPAC has also launched its LINdis range of durable, disposable tableware. All products in the LINdis range are manufactured in laminated polystyrene, improving durability, hygiene and the overall style of the products. The high gloss finish makes it damage resistant to conventional cutlery and protects the users from sauce or grease.

All LINPAC’s products are available within excellent delivery times from their factories, giving you both security of consistent supply and the ability to buy different volumes to satisfy your needs over an unpredictable summer period.

LINPAC Packaging

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