A MANCHESTER-based lighting company is helping convenience stores slash their CO2 emissions and make savings on their energy bills.

Experts at MHA Lighting recently saved a SPAR store in Widnes 210 tonnes of CO2 and significantly improved the quality of light by installing LED lighting.

MHA Lighting, which specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative LED lighting solutions, specified TiLite 30’s from its patented product range.

MHA Lighting’s technology is unique as it shines the light from the LED sideways then reflects it into the area to be illuminated. This emits a bright, clean, white light which is uniformly distributed, in the manner of a fluorescent.

MHA LED lights have a number of key benefits for the convenience and grocery retail trade including:-

Uniform distribution – The light produced eradicates shadow pockets.

No heat emission – This will result in additional savings to temperature controlled environments. Heat is also known to erode fresh produce.

No Static – The lights do not attract dust making them a more hygienic option.

High colour rendering – This enhances the colour of produce making it more appealing to customers.

Owner and franchisee Raj Dhillon opted for LED lighting as part of an initiative led by SPAR head office that encourages franchisees to reduce CO2 in its stores.

Mr Dhillon said: “I am very pleased with MHA Lighting’s bespoke lighting system.

“The new LED lighting has improved visibility in the store and customers have commented on how much brighter and larger the store now appears.

“The new lights have created daylight indoors.

“MHA Lighting was helpful at every stage of the process and there was no disruption to my business as they were able to install the lighting outside of the store’s opening hours.

I was also able to purchase the lighting system with no capital outlay via the Carbon Trust Loan Scheme.

The light fittings were positioned between the aisles in the Spar to maximise the distribution of light, improve the lux levels and remove the need for down lighters and spot lights.

The light provides a consistent light level of 500 lux.

The installation also included Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors in back of house areas where traffic is low to further optimise energy savings.

The lighting system is also extremely low maintenance and will run for 60,000 hours of continuous use. In the case of Spar Widnes – with an 18 hour a day operation – this means that the lights will not need replacing for nine years and will make £84k electricity cost savings.

Other convenience retail stores to recently purchase lighting systems from MHA Lighting include Mace, Cost Cutter, Spar and independent stores.

Tom Harrison, managing director of MHA Lighting, said: “Convenience retail is a growth area for MHA Lighting and the SPAR Widnes franchise is a great example of how a small business can improve its retail image, make huge savings in energy and maintenance bills, not to mention 210 C02 Tonnes.

“Whilst smaller retailers are not affected by the government CRC scheme the more savvy retail business owners and franchisees are looking to cut costs and do their bit for the environment.

“By installing our LED lighting, energy consumption at SPAR Widnes was reduced by 79%, and the annual electricity costs have been reduced from £7,629 to £1,618 per annum.

“The lack of heat given off by LED lighting also allows further energy savings to be made through reduced use of air conditioning systems. The machines do not have to work as hard to cool down additional heat in the shop, which is beneficial for open refrigerators.

“The store’s security has also improved with the removal of the old fluorescent lighting fittings. CCTV footage is now much sharper. The LED lighting allows for a clearer identification of suspects and reduces flicker on CCTV monitors.”

MHA Lighting specialises in the design and manufacture of interior and exterior LED lighting solutions for the public sector, retail, office space, car parking and garage forecourts and more.

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