t-ix_notesA UK-based retail systems manufacturer has responded to the global drive for faster and more accurate cash management processes in the retail, banking and foodservice sectors, with the launch of a revolutionary new product.

T-iX is the latest weight-based cash counting system from Tellermate and is borne out of extensive research and the company’s 29-year experience in the industry, working with major clients such as Boots, HSBC and McDonalds. The T-iX will reduce the amount of time that needs to be devoted to counting and balancing till floats and guarantees more accurate management information.

Key elements of the product include developments in technical specification, such as greater connectivity to customers’ back office systems and several user-friendly features include the biggest screen of any of the products currently on the market. On-screen graphics and functionality will be familiar to users as it draws on technology used in consumer devices such as mobile phones, PCs and remote controls.

“With our latest product we have really returned to the roots of the company,” commented sales and marketing manager Helen Pilkington. “Tellermate’s products have always been designed to be a cashier’s friend, to make processes more efficient and accurate but above all, be simple to use. We have returned to these key principles with T-iX and are confident that our customers will be pleased with the result.

“Much of the way the new machine operates is based on what we have learned from existing products and customer feedback. The machine does not bark orders so the user won’t feel intimidated. This was very important to get right as we didn’t want the user to be put off and therefore error messages are less abrupt and more informative, which in turn leads to greater levels of accuracy.”

Tellermate has spent two years researching, designing and developing the T-iX, working closely with its varied client base to retain the best features of existing products and introduce new features and functionality where required. Two of the company’s biggest customers, Barclays in the UK and Disney in the US, have been involved in prototype trials and the range is set to be rolled out from January 2010 and exhibited at EuroCIS, Europe’s leading retail IT trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany (2nd-4th March 2010).

The product has been designed to integrate effectively with users existing IT systems transferring data direct into the back office for analysis allowing discrepancies to be identified and acted on. T-iX has also been designed to adapt easily to the production of new coins and notes with different weights, enhancing the upgrade process and negating the need for visits to customers’ premises or the returning of machines to update system software.

Pilkington continued, “T-iX is also our response to changes in the way our customers are working. For example, we have enhanced security as well as increasing portability, which if you think of the changes in supermarkets in terms of multiple till points, as well as the introduction of self service tills, there is a greater need to count cash in multiple locations.”

“In response to these challenges the new machine is faster, more money can be stacked and the battery can be charged in a minimal amount of time. More data is also given to the user such as the condition of the unit and if the battery is nearing its end.”

Revolutionary technology has been introduced into the machine so it is resistant to environmental fluctuations which can affect counts, such as air conditioning, as well as being resistant to liquid spillages. The T-iX also has strong green credentials; it has a power save mode that kicks in and should help to conserve power if the unit is left unattended. The carbon footprint of the machine is low as the vast majority of parts are produced in the UK and locally supplied.

The unit also has a sensory battery that warns the user to switch to mains power before power goes, however, if the unit does lose power unexpectedly any current count data will be retained. The battery has an intelligent discharge feature that tells the user the battery has reached the end of its life and needs replacing.


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