assorted-toffees-and-fudgeDelicious new ranges of muffins, bars and sweets have been produced by a new company dedicated to Fairtrade – Wish 4 Fair Trade. These include the first Fairtrade sharing box – an ideal gift – and muffins which will be available in vending machines, offering consumers on the go a Fairtrade option.

Founder of Wish 4 Fair Trade Alan Clayton says the company’s USP is its delicious mix of high quality, hand crafted products with natural ingredients and a 100% commitment to Fairtrade.

The new ranges, available now in the UK and Ireland, are:

• Muffins: Toffee (with toffee fudge pieces); Blueberry (with real Blueberries); Chocolate (with real chocolate pieces); and Lemon (with real lemon). All the muffins have  added sauce filling for a delicious moistness, and  no artificial colours, or flavours,  RSP around 89p

• Bars: Honey & Fruit Flapjack; Traditional Oat Flapjack; Millionaire’s Shortbread; Chocolate Brownie; Fruity Nut Seed Bar and Rich Fruit Cake. All hand made using butter, (not vegetable margarine) and with no artificial colours, flavours, E numbers or preservatives, RSP from 79p.

• Sweets: Calypso Fruit Mix; Crumbly Mint Balls; Blackcurrant & Liquorice; Vanilla Fudge; Toffee Assortment; and the first Fairtrade sharing box – a 400g Fudge & Toffee Assortment. RSP £1.49 for the packs and £3.99 for the box.

Although the muffins and bars are handmade, Wish 4 Fair Trade can supply large quantities to supermarkets.

Clayton, a successful businessman, decided to launch the company after a competition win took him to Malawi to visit Fairtrade certified sugar farmers. Clayton explains: “The very day we arrived we saw pylons being delivered, bringing electricity to remote villages meaning children could do homework in the evenings and adults can cook, eat and enjoy the radio. This was the direct result of Fairtrade.

“This experience, coupled with the pleasure of living in Kinsale which is known as the gourmet capital of Ireland, made me decide to establish a business producing the best quality, best tasting food using all ingredients possible from Fairtrade-certified co-ops from around the world. Half of all our profits will go towards investing in Fairtrade enterprise in producer countries.”

Clayton is a former Marketing Manager of Asda, who also has experience in food manufacture and distribution.

Malawi’s Kasinthula sugar growers co-operative has changed the lives of nearly 300 farmers and their communities. Clean water wells have been supplied through the Fairtrade premium so people no longer have to risk water-bourne diseases and worse when collecting water from the crocodile infested Shire River.

Wish 4 Fair Trade products are available via Fairtrade Vending and Suma or from

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