product-innovations-controllerVerco Limited, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of open-chill and glass-door refrigerated cabinets, has recently completed a product development initiative resulting in a series of enhancements across its range.

In a move to further enhance its green credentials, and those of its customers, Verco is now offering an alternative to its traditional R404A and Care 50 refrigerants with the introduction of BOC’s Care 45, a high-performance, hydrocarbon-based refrigerant.

Like Care 50, the use of Care 45 (also known as propylene or R1270) as a refrigerant not only produces zero ODP (ozone depletion) and minimal GWP (global warming), but also helps to significantly reduce energy consumption and eliminate any of the issues associated with temperature glide. Only minimal system changes are required when switching from R404A and the energy savings are impressive (up to 15% of the compressor).

waitrose-installation-iiWhen charged with Care 45 and Care 50, Verco’s open-chill and glass-door cabinets also comply with the new European Standard EN 378:2008 (Refrigerating Systems & Heat Pumps – Safety and Environmental Requirements), which means that all systems are tested to ensure that the flammable hydrocarbons cannot be ignited by any electrical components. Compliance with the standard and independent verification of all the products and systems was undertaken by Cool Concerns Limited, a third-party consultancy. The first cabinets to be charged with Care 45 – two Cambridge and two Kingston models – have been installed at a new Waitrose green store in Altrincham.

Another development and addition to Verco’s open-chill Kingston and Cambridge ranges is the introduction of an optional Condensate Clearance Boost (CCB) system.

Commenting for Verco, development director Mike Nicholls says: “As all refrigerated cabinets create water during normal operation, the new CCB system has been designed to divert the waste heat normally exhausted to atmosphere from the refrigeration system, and use it instead to clear the water.”

He goes onto explain that the system will be particularly useful in harsh and extremely humid ambient environments, especially newbuild sites and those that have recently undergone refits. In these circumstances materials, including building blocks and plaster, contain very high levels of water that evaporates over time and condenses on the refrigeration system.

The CCB system, which can also be retrofitted to Verco’s Kingston and Cambridge cabinets, incorporates thermostatically controlled condenser fans, one of which runs in conjunction with the compressor, with the other switching on when the refrigeration system’s condenser reaches a pre-determined temperature. If higher/lower levels of condensate evaporation are required, the CCB can be adjusted by an engineer.

The first cabinets to be fitted with Verco’s new Condensate Clearance Boost system are being delivered to Waitrose’s new franchise store at Welcome Break’s Warwick North services.

verco-logo-cmykVerco has also introduced an updated electronic controller which, instead of displaying the temperature of the refrigeration system (which typically fluctuates between -1 to +4 degrees centigrade in an open-chill cabinet), more accurately reflects the average temperature of the merchandise within it.

This optional electronic controller also includes new functions which, while protecting the compressor and refrigeration system by remaining tamper proof, will allow engineers to adjust the cabinet’s operating temperature should a retailer require a change in use, e.g. from merchandising dairy products to merchandising beers, wines and spirits.

Summing up, Mike Nicholls says that these recent innovations reflect Verco’s continued commitment to research and development at a time when many manufacturers are cutting back.

He adds: “As well as the system changes highlighted above, Verco is continuing to develop and innovate and will be introducing an open-chill cabinet to its Kingston range and a new glass-door system in the near future, so watch this space!”

Verco Ltd   Tel: 01491 839966

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