In an effort to understand the dairy alternatives market further Lactofree, the UK’s first lactose-free dairy range, recently commissioned extensive research, looking into the size, knowledge and scale of lactose intolerance and dairy avoidance issues in the UK. It found that 30% of respondents who use medication for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) could be doing so unnecessarily, as confusion between IBS and lactose intolerance remains high, and that they may have lactose intolerance instead of IBS. This presents an opportunity for Lactofree, possibly widening the net for those consumers who could benefit from changing to Lactofree

Lactofree is now the second biggest brand in the dairy alternative category worth £12.9 million and growing at 36% year on year. Lactofree continues to drive growth in the category, with an 11% share and 2.4% penetration.

Preliminary questions for those experiencing discomfort after eating dairy found that half of the respondents claim they take “action” to deal with their symptoms, with 37% replacing all or some dairy products with dairy alternatives. In fact, taste and closeness to dairy were also found to be key motivators for respondents, as well as efficacy and ability to use in cooking (62%), one of the USPs of Lactofree against other dairy alternatives.

Jessica Hardcastle, Senior Brand Manager for Lactofree, commented: ““We will continue to develop Lactofree products that not only taste great, but also help those with lactose intolerance to continue to enjoy dairy. To do this, it is imperative that we continue to communicate with our target market through consumer research and listen to consumer demand.”


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