Ross Longton, UK Marketing Lead, Sauces discusses the BBQ season.

Heinz delivers an unrivalled range of sauces and dressings, including Mayonnaise, Mustard, BBQ, Hot Sauces, Salad Cream, Condiments, and the best known, Tomato Ketchup. The range provides versatility for consumers looking to experience new tastes this summer, turning it from good food to great food.

Category Advice

Throughout summer we recommend retailers keep all sauces and dressings together to provide easier access to consumers. It is vital to offer a range of products within each category whether flavour variants or healthier alternatives. We also encourage retailers to introduce additional displays during summer demonstrating popular food associations to allow us to capitalise on impulse buying habits. For example, sitting Heinz Seriously Good Mayonnaise or Heinz Salad Cream next to the salad display reminds consumers they are popular accompaniments.

However, we’re noticing that salad dressings and summer condiments are now enjoyed at a number of different occasions all year round and no longer dependent on good weather or held exclusively within the summer months. While we see a spike in sales over the warmer months, particularly due to the increase of barbecue occasions, Heinz’s range of sauces continue to prove popular all year round. We believe it is vital retailers adapt to current trends and offer consumers a good variety of products to suit all interests whatever the occasion – whether it’s the summer season or not.


Heinz Original Salad Cream offers consumers a healthy choice for their salads – a popular meal choice throughout summer- as it contains 60% less fat than Mayonnaise*. Heinz has also introduced a Heinz Salad Cream Light 70% Less Fat variant to its Salad Cream range, offering consumers an even healthier alternative, without compromising on flavour.


The total barbecue category is now worth £20.3 million in the UK, growing 5.5% year on year. Heinz BBQ now enjoys a 39.3% value share of the category (category number 1) with HP BBQ the number 2 brand with a 23.2% share.

Although performing well all year, Heinz does see a spike in sales during summer due to the increase of barbecue occasions where table sauces are a popular accompaniment. With this in mind it is hugely important that retailers adapt their offering and displays to capitalise on key topical trends to offer consumers a great variety of products to suit all interests whatever the occasion.

Flavour Trends


Britain is experiencing a real revolution when it comes to barbecues and people around the country are experimenting with marinades, cooking methods and condiments originating from the culture of gourmet barbecues coming over from America. Barbecue flavours and accompaniments have become a key staple within consumers’ everyday diets, and food and drink brands have begun to incorporate this growing trend within NPD and marketing strategies.

Hot sauces

We have seen the growth and popularity of hot and chilli sauce become one of the fastest developing trends in the barbeque category. In the UK alone, consumer spend on hot sauce has increased by 11% over the last two years to £48M. Heinz Chilli Sauces have grown rapidly since their launch and Heinz is now the second biggest brand penetration wise in the Hot Sauces category. Our consumers are very adventurous so it is important to us to offer a wider variety of products incorporating international flavours and the right level of spice.


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