kingsmill-liz-mark-stillFamily bread brand Kingsmill is back on TV with its largest multimedia initiative since the brand’s ’07 re-launch, with a spend of over £11m over the next 12 months. The three new advertising creatives, designed to get consumers talking and encourage viewers to share their confessions with Kingsmill, will hit our screens 14th September ’09, shining the spotlight on Kingsmill Great Everyday White and new Kingsmill LITTLE BIG LOAF® sub-brands.

The three tongue-in-cheek creatives, created by M&C Saatchi, show the lengths people will go to, to enjoy a delicious Kingsmill sandwich, build upon Kingsmill’s well-established modern day family positioning and illustrate the emotional connection consumers have with bread. Each creative concludes with the call to action ‘Share your Confession’, inviting viewers to visit the website should they too have a cheeky and light-hearted confession they’d like to share.

Commenting on the new advertising creatives, Michael Harris, Kingsmill Marketing Controller says, “The new creatives, not only represent one of Kingsmill’s largest ever investments, they also reflect our understanding of the modern day family. Kingsmill is about celebrating the pleasure of bread through taste, enjoyment and shared family moments, even if it means revealing a few hidden secrets along the way! We’re confident that these new creatives, showcasing cheeky family fun, will reflect the Kingsmill brand personality, and achieve strong cut-through and differentiation within the market.

“The campaign will extend well beyond TV advertising into other media. For example, online at, where consumers will be invited to share their own confessions and listen to other peoples. In addition, there will also be radio advertising executions as well as radio promotions with major stations, PR, in-store POS and on-pack amplification.”

The first Kingsmill Great Everyday White creative opens to a shot of a husband, in a classic kitchen setting, carefully preparing his favourite Kingsmill sandwich beside his wife, who’s subtly eyeing up his creation. The sandwich is safely placed in the fridge as the husband goes upstairs to get ready for work, but ‘miraculously disappears’ on his return! The shot then cuts to the perplexed-looking husband as the wife’s voiceover confesses “I managed to convince him he hadn’t actually made it… he thinks he’s going mad?”

Kingsmill’s second Great Everyday White confession opens to a shot of a hungry father and son arriving back at the family home after football practice, only to find mum busy upstairs having left a delicious-looking Kingsmill sandwich behind. Acting in unison, father and son exchange a nod of agreement before devouring mum’s tasty creation. Mum shortly returns, but to avoid any consequences, the duo toss their crusts into the innocent-looking dog’s basket – the family dog is punished for the crime it never committed and is banished to the back garden as the father’s voiceover admits, “I shouldn’t have let him take the blame”.

The third advert, this time focusing on the new Kingsmill LITTLE BIG LOAF®, opens to a young couple awakening on a beautiful sunny morning. The woman is busy day-dreaming about her perfect breakfast, while her husband has other things on his mind… but she just can’t put a stop to her breakfast fantasy. To ensure nothing stands in her way, the woman pretends the phone is ringing and runs downstairs to enjoy her delicious Kingsmill sandwich. Her voiceover then reveals that, “…he didn’t get anything, not even a slice of toast”.

The TV & radio advertising will be supported by a multimedia campaign comprising radio promotions, online amplification, in-store POS, a PR campaign and on-pack support with consumer confessions featured on all Kingsmill Great Everyday White packs.

Kingsmill Great Everyday White and the Kingsmill LITTLE BIG LOAF® range (Kingsmill Great Everyday White, Tasty Wholemeal and Love To Toast) are available in major supermarkets with an RRP of £1.22 and £0.95 respectively.

For more information contact 0800 197 0110 or visit


  1. i wanted to know now do i get an audition for a kingsmill bread avert so if you could reply to me if i could even get an audition for anything that would be great?

  2. does any one know the song that was played in this advert


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