On the edge of the Lake District National Park, a brand new baby infant formula is making waves within the local area. With its roots in the thriving town of Kendal, Cumbria, ‘Kendamil Infant Formula’ retains Mother Nature’s natural goodness with a recipe that puts the ‘cream’ back into Infant formula, by formulating with local fresh whole cream milk, versus all other current imported formulas for sale in the UK who have cost engineered their products by replacing the ‘goodness’ of the cream with vegetable oils.


Produced just a few miles from the heart of Beatrix Potter Country, ‘Kendamil’ is made by Kendal Nutricare, currently the only manufacturer in Britain supplying a full range of infant products including weaning foods. This truly British product uses fresh milk from dairy herds located locally to Kendal Nutricare’s factory and as such, is a product supportive of British dairy farmers, and one proudly displaying its ‘Red Tractor’ accreditation.

This unique and wholesome recipe has gained the approval of parents in the local area, who have already cottoned on to the benefits of feeding their babies a formula that naturally contains all the goodness of whole cream milk. After feeding their little ones with ‘Kendamil’, parents have reported that their children seem happier, have enhanced energy levels, suffer fewer digestion and constipation issues and sleep for longer.

‘Kendamil’ babies are happy babies. ‘Kendamil Infant Formula’ offers babies and toddlers all the nutritional benefits of cow’s milk and naturally contains high levels of calcium and protein, plus 22 Amino Acids. ‘Kendamil Infant Formula’ also includes essential vitamins and minerals, as well as the prebiotic GOS and essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6.

In complement to the infant formula, ‘Kendamil’ has a range of fruit filled cereals for 4 months, 7 months and 10 months including ‘Gluten Free’. The fruits used in these recipes are free from contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides. Natural nutrition comes from blueberries, apples, bananas, pears, apricots and peaches, which are blended with multigrains, including oat flakes or maize, millet and rice, to provide parents with healthy and tasty meal options for their infants. These are quick and easy to make, as they already contain formula milk.

‘Kendamil Infant Formula’ has been created in a BRC Grade A-rated factory, formerly owned and still manufacturing for H J Heinz. This Kendal-based, International ISO 14001-accredited factory was founded by GSK in 1962 and has produced, over the last 54 years, infant formula and specialist food products for GSK, Boots, Nutricia, United Pharmaceuticals, H J Heinz, Hero and Meiji. The factory has now launched ‘Kendamil’ as its flagship brand – one backed by a team calling upon an average of over 20 years manufacturing experience in this sector. This wealth of experience underpinned Kendal Nutricare’s decision to move back to a traditional, nutritious recipe, using full cream whole milk rather than skimmed milk, to deliver significant benefits to little ones.


This traditional wholesome and full-cream recipe makes ‘Kendamil’ a completely different proposition on UK supermarket and convenience store shelves. The gas-flushed products have an optimal quality throughout their 24-month shelf life, whilst carefully considered branding reflects the premium quality inside.

Kendal Nutricare can guarantee supply to UK supermarkets and stores, thanks to its large factory capacity spray dryer and supply chain expertise. Packaging options include metal cans, composite cans and bag in box sachets.

Buyers are urged not to miss out on a new British baby formula brand, ‘Kendamil,’ with its ‘Red Tractor’ traceability and strong British heritage.

Neill Duffy, Sales Manager

Tel: 0748 405 2699


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