• Kellogg’s launches new All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters, designed to help support digestive health
  • The new cereal’s natural prebiotic and wheat bran fibre are essential for good gut health – which can have an impact on our immune system, brain function, mental health and overall wellbeing
  • The fibre-rich breakfast is available in two flavours; Original and Almond & Pumpkin Seeds

Kellogg’s has launched a brand-new All-Bran cereal with prebiotic fibre which aids improved gut health and overall wellbeing, to help families have a great start to their day.

The gut does much more than just keep us regular; often referred to as ‘the second brain’, and with research highlighting that 95% of serotonin – ‘the happy chemical’ – resides there*, it also impacts our overall wellbeing.  Kellogg’s All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters feeds the good inside, so it shows on the outside too.

The new cereal, which comes in two delicious flavours – Original and Almond & Pumpkin Seeds – includes natural prebiotic chicory root fibre and wheat bran fibre, both of which feed good bacteria in the gut, nourishing the gut microbiota. Having a healthy gut is essential for feeling good day-to-day,  and has been linked to brain function and mental health*.

Catriona Campbell-Voegt, Nutritionist and Kellogg’s Wellbeing Lead in the UK said: “It’s clear that having a healthy gut can have a massive impact on our overall wellbeing. 70% of our immune cells are found in our gut, and its directly linked with our brain, so how we fuel it is so important. We’re excited to now offer two more delicious cereals which support good gut health to help everyone eat more fibre and feel at their best every day.”

The All-Bran Prebiotic range is part of Kellogg’s commitment to helping families make better choices in the morning and include more fibre in their diet – as nine out of 10 people in the UK don’t get enough fibre and are short of the recommended 30g per day**.

This year, Kellogg’s is planning to double their investment in its high fibre brands, and focus on raising awareness and informing the nation on the benefits of high fibre foods and good gut health. The launch of All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters follows Kellogg’s ‘Happy Guts’ campaign from February 2019, which saw All-Bran, Fruit ’n Fibre and Bran Flakes reposition to help encourage awareness of the importance of a healthy gut.

All-Bran Prebiotic Oaty Clusters is available now from all major supermarkets (RRP £2.99).

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