kalms-blister-84.jpgLanesHealth – owners and manufacturers of the established Kalms and Olbas ranges – is launching a more convenient and portable Kalms blister pack for women on the go. The handy new blister pack contains an 84 tablet supply of natural plant remedy Kalms (four blisters with 21 tablets each). The tablets in the new Kalms pack format will contain the same formula as regular Kalms which has worked to provide relief from periods of worry, irritability, stresses and strains for the last 40 years.

Kalms is a traditional herbal remedy which contains a unique blend of valerian, hops and gentian; all of which help you cope with the stresses of everyday living. Valerian and hops have a long history of being used as herbal sedatives, and Gentian has a tonic effect on the system. Kalms is a natural aid and is not known to be habit forming.

This new convenient pack will be in addition to the existing Kalms bottles which come in 100 and 200 tablets. Adults and children over 12 should take two tablets three times a day to provide relief from worries and stress.

The new pack will be available from September at all good supermarkets, including Morrisons and Waitrose (RRP £4.89).

The new blister pack will retain the same identifiable Kalms design, but the shape and size of the packaging will change. The products will be supported by a TV advertising and PR Campaign until February 2009.

Kalms is not recommended for people suffering from clinical depression or pregnant or breast feeding women. Kalms is not suitable for children under 12.

For further information or to place an order, phone 01452 507 458 or visit www.kalmsstress.com

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  1. carol ryan

    could Kalms be taken alongside the beta blocker propranalol ?


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