Testimonial-led campaign targets adult smokers to Make the Switch

JUUL Labs, the leading US vape brand, whose mission is to improve adult smokers’ lives, is launching its first UK marketing campaign. The campaign features testimonials from adult smokers who have switched to JUUL as an alternative to combustible cigarettes. The campaign will run for 12-weeks from July 1 in Out of Home (OOH) sites in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, Newcastle and Belfast. Each of these ten cities has a high prevalence for smoking and the campaign will be run near alcohol and tobacco consumption outlets.

The campaign features five different adult ex-smokers – not actors – who are all aged over 30 years old and had struggled to switch from combustible cigarettes over periods ranging from eight to thirty-five years, making the switch to JUUL in 2018.

It will also be supported by an educational PR campaign and local brand ambassador activity giving greater detail on each ex-smoker’s switching journey and their reasons for switching to help inspire other adult smokers to Make the Switch.

In line with JUUL Labs’ commitment to industry-leading responsible practice and going above and beyond local regulations where appropriate, advertising sites were chosen specifically to target adult smokers and situated at least 200m from schools – the legal guidance being 100m – with the campaign being switched off in large digital sites at key times of the day to restrict potential visibility to youth.

Dan Thomson, Managing Director of JUUL Labs UK, comments: “The ex-smokers featured in our testimonial campaign share their personal stories and the role that JUUL has played in helping them transition away from combustible cigarettes. Key reasons for switching included more social inclusion,  no lingering smell and financial benefits, which I am convinced will resonate with a high number of adult smokers. As someone who smoked for 20 years and tried to give up on numerous occasions, only managing to switch using JUUL, I am incredibly moved by this campaign and excited about the potential it offers to inspire large numbers of the UK’s 7.4 million adult smokers to follow their lead and Make the Switch.

“We launched in the UK last year and are now stocked in a wide number of leading specialist vape stores across the nation, as well as widely available in convenience and selected multiple grocers. We believe that this is the right time to launch our first nationwide campaign to reach adult smokers in key smoking hot spots and at the same time ensure that our products do not appeal to youth or non-nicotine users.”

JUUL Labs’ sector-leading approach to responsible practice is further reflected in the company’s existing youth protection measures, which include two-stage ID age-verification for all purchases made via the JUUL.co.uk website to prevent youth access to JUUL products and a mandatory ‘Challenge 25’ policy in all retail partners requiring store staff to request ID from customers who appear under 25 to prove they are over 18 years old – the legal age for purchasing vaping products in the UK.

Retailers interested in stocking the JUUL range should call  0808 164 1301 or email uksales@juul.com. More information on JUUL products can be found at juul.co.uk

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