JTI has today announced the launch of Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped in a brand-new 20s format – an extension to the already successful king size cigarillo product, which is the No.1[1] and the fastest growing cigarillo within the UK market[2].

Rolling out across all channels from February, Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped 20s, will follow the same stick configuration as the 10s, with a mentholated Virginia blend tobacco and capsule filter that when crushed releases a peppermint flavour.

Following the strong performance of the 10s to date, it is clear that adult smokers are still looking for new alternatives and choice following the Characterising Flavour Ban last year. Meeting this continued demand, Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped also offers a good value and high-quality option, with an affordable RRP of £9.10* for a pack of 20 cigarillos.

Ross Hennessy, Head of Sales at JTI UK, says: “We are committed to bringing retailers products that respond to current trends and resonate with existing adult smokers. The Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped 10s range has gone from strength to strength since its launch, so we’re pleased to be giving retailers even more choice for their customers. With this new 20s extension, we expect the product to follow the same route as the 10s, resonating with those looking for a good quality product, at an affordable price point.”

Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped came out on top in numerous kew industry awards this year, including the Retail Industry Awards, winning the tobacco category for its innovative launch, as well as SLR’s Tobacco Product Launch of the Year Award.  JTI recommends retailers continue to stock the 10s, alongside the new 20s, in order to offer choice and profit from this growing category.

For more information, retailers should visit jtiadvance.co.uk, or speak to their local JTI sales representative.

* Retailers are of course free to choose to sell JTI products at whatever price they choose.

[1] IRi Market Place, Volume Share, Total Cigarillo Category, Total UK, Dec 2020

[2] IRi Market Place, Volume Share, Total Cigarillo Category, Total UK, over the last 12 months to Dec 2020 (based on slope calculation)

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