Premium artisan sourdough brand, Jason’s Sourdough, is extending its distribution by branching out into ASDA, both stores and online from April 19th, and Ocado from 2nd May. The artisanal sourdough brand, from craft bakers, Geary’s Bakery, is spearheaded by the eponymous master baker Jason Geary, the fourth-generation family member to lead the business.

Launching in the in-store bakery section of approximately 200 larger ASDA stores, is the unique new ‘Breads of the World’ range. It is made up of three variants and takes flavour inspiration from an eclectic mix of places around the world. Master-baker, Jason Geary, has drawn on his own personal favourite flavours and added a unique Jason’s twist.

Three other new variants will be available on Ocado, with two ‘Straight Up Sourdoughs’ and one ‘Twisted Sourdough’ joining the classic White and Grains & Seeds Ciabattins. The two ‘Straight Up Sourdoughs’, The Great White and Majestic Malted, are pre-sliced and traditional in artisanal bread shape, with a longer life and a yeast-free production, making them gentler on digestion than standard bread. The ‘Twisted’ sourdough loaf in Olive & Basil, has a unique marbled swirl, and like the ‘Straight Up’ loaves, is yeast-free, pre-sliced and a traditional artisan loaf shape.

The recipes are based on the Geary family bakery’s original recipe book, which is what gives each variant its number, with Jason’s own added twist.

Breads of the World – New York Inspired: The classic White & Rye Sourdough with added Caraway Seeds, just perfect paired with pastrami and Emmental for a taste of the real New York deli sandwich.

Breads of the World – Baltics Inspired: Baltic influences meet sourdough with this innovative White Sourdough potato loaf, which has a hint of rosemary, perfect for accompanying soups and stews.

Breads of the World – Italian Inspired Tear & Share: Bringing the sunshine to the table, this Mediterranean inspired flatbread brings together the classic Sundried Tomato and Basil combination. This is ideal for serving with your favourite pasta dishes and can be eaten hot or cold.

No.01 – Straight Up Sourdough – The Great White: Straight up, this classic white loaf is the perfect sandwich bread. Pair with your favourite fillings and enjoy toasted or untoasted.

No.06 Straight Up Sourdough – Majestic Malted: Malty goodness flows through this Sourdough. A perfect balance of mild and nutty flavours, it’s ideal for pates, cheeses or plain and simple with butter.

No.14 Twisted Sourdough – Olive & Basil: A taste and visual sensation, serve this vibrant Olive & Basil sourdough with tapenades and sundried tomatoes or make the perfect toasted chicken salad sandwich.

Jason Geary, master-baker and MD of Geary’s Bakery says: “We’re really proud of how well received Jason’s Sourdough has been over the past year, particularly given we launched in the first lockdown! So we are delighted to be launching in ASDA and Ocado this spring with a range of new and innovative breads. Each of the loaves have been developed and crafted to perfection, taking inspiration from the Geary family recipe book, and we can’t wait to share them with shoppers!”

The new range of breads are baked using a twenty-four-hour fermentation process typical of artisanal sourdough, delivering the special and unique flavour that Jason’s Sourdough is known for. As with all Jason’s Sourdough products, there is no added sugar, preservatives or additives and the loaves are made up of minimal, honest, ingredients. Packaged in paper bags with a transparent side to show a cross-section of the loaves, with a resealable label the packaging delivers the authentic, craft bakery experience.

Jason’s Sourdough Breads of the World Sourdough New York & Baltics range 400g RRP £1.80, The Breads of the World Sourdough Italian Flatbread 225g RRP £1.80, available at ASDA.

The Straight Up The Great White & Majestic Malted range 450g RRP £2.00, the Twisted Olive & Basil Sourdough 380g RRP £2.29, and the White and Grains & Seeds Ciabattin’s 580g £1.80 are available from Ocado.

The full Ciabattin range is available from M&S in three variants: White Ciabattin, Grains & Seeds Ciabattin and Craft Beer Ciabattin. RRP £1.80.

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