Oral nicotine pouches such as VELO are part of a growing market catering for the demand among adult nicotine consumers.

Adult nicotine consumers are increasingly looking for alternative nicotine products such as nicotine pouches and vapes.

The nicotine market continues to diversify and continues to see growth in the nicotine pouches category in 2022. In fact, the market more than doubled in size by volume in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2021.1

During that time BAT’s products, including VELO, have more than doubled their share of total volume in the modern oral category1.

Oral nicotine pouches such as VELO are part of a growing market catering for the demand among adult nicotine consumers. With the number of adult consumers asking about alternative nicotine products – including nicotine pouches expected to continue to rise, it’s a big opportunity for retailers to grow sales.

VELO pouches contain nicotine and high-quality ingredients and offer on-the-go convenience in a wide range of the flavours and strengths adult consumers want. VELO is the #1 nicotine pouch in Scandinavia2 – and they should know, they invented nicotine pouches after all.

It’s now available in nine different flavours and five different strengths, and in Regular and Mini sized pouches. So, VELO appeals to those consumers who are new to the category, as well as occasional or regular nicotine pouch users. The pouches come in a compact pack easily taken anywhere. VELO can be enjoyed for up to 30 minutes. It’s also hands-free once the lid is off.

And by the way, VELO is also the UK’s favourite nicotine pouch, winning Product of the Year 20223 – and its success won’t stop there.

VELO is committed to continuously improve the sustainability of our products. We’re working hard towards becoming a carbon neutral brand by exploring alternative packaging and more sustainable pouches.

We’ve already changed the materials for all new VELO cans so that they are now recyclable and followed it up with a campaign to keep adult consumers up to date with how to recycle our cans4. Our VELO cans are now made of 91% recycled plastic5.

VELO offers a prime opportunity to grow sales in a fast-moving category – and retailers who keep up with it can seize the opportunity. Our Vapermarket.co.uk portal and My BAT Rewards (B2B) platform have all you need to know about the VELO range, developments and promotions.


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