• Iceland is giving all staff a lie in on Monday 12th July regardless of the final result to help colleagues recover (or commiserate)
  • No home deliveries will be made after 7pm on Sunday 11th July and will start up again late Monday morning
  • Iceland stores will open later than usual on Monday morning too
  • All non-essential morning meetings at Iceland’s head office have also been rescheduled on Monday

Whether England win or lose in the Euros final on Sunday night, staff at Iceland are guaranteed extra recovery time as Head Office announces delays to opening hours, home deliveries, and meetings on Monday.

Colleagues and customers up and down the country will have the opportunity to recover from Sunday’s big game, whether it comes home or not, as Iceland will keep its doors closed  for later than usual.

There will be no home deliveries on Sunday after 7pm, allowing the Iceland delivery drivers time to get home and get kitted out for the big match. Iceland is also encouraging its store managers to open later, allowing their teams time to finish their celebrations before heading in on Monday morning.

Head office staff are not immune to footie fever either. All non-essential meetings on Monday morning have been rescheduled and teams based in the Deeside HQ will be allowed a lie-in.

Earlier this week Iceland changed the name of the Wembley store to read ‘ENGLAND’ ahead of the momentous Euros semi-final win, a change that will be made permanent if England are crowned champions on Sunday.

Iceland will still be offering same day delivery service for anyone needing a top up shop on Monday and there are still slots available this weekend. Monday afternoon delivery slots have also been increased, so no customer will miss out.

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