With more than half of the battery charging systems in Europe using old 50 Hz transformer technology that provide efficiency levels as low as 56%, Fronius has set new standards with their innovative and self-regulating Ri-charging process.


This unique process, available with the 8KW & 16KW Selectiva chargers, automatically adapts the charging characteristics according to the type of battery, age, temperature and discharge level.

This makes every single charging cycle different, minimising harmful overcharging and warming of the battery. The systems save between 20-30% on the electricity costs of running a fleet, significantly reduce CO2 emissions and increase the total service life of the batteries, thus lowering the total cost of ownership.

Forklift truck operators can inadvertently contribute to the wear and tear of a battery by selecting those that are not completely charged. This leads to a reduction in battery service life, thus increasing the operating costs of a fleet when a new battery is required. The intelligent Cool Battery Guide Easy feature of the Selectiva battery chargers makes this a thing of the past by guiding the operator to the correct battery. Indicated by the blue LED strip on the charger, the operator can select the battery that has been fully charged the longest and is therefore the coolest.

The potential savings of using Fronius Active Inverter technology versus 50 Hz transformers is clear to see. The free and intelligent savings tool, Fronius I-SpoT, calculates the savings in energy costs, CO2 emissions, battery service life and maintenance costs of a forklift fleet and shows where the greatest savings can be made to achieve the quickest return on investment.

Since launching the innovative technology, coupled with the ease of use for the operator, Fronius has been able to help Spar achieve efficiency levels of up to 94% for their fleet of over 160 different electrically powered forklift trucks in operation at their Wörgl am Inn site in Austria. The Head of Warehousing compared 50 Hz to Fronius technology and found that the Fronius charging systems also consumed less power when on standby, enhancing their energy savings.

The Ri-Charging technology has also assisted Frigologo GmbH, based in Austria, with the charging of their 100 strong fleet to operate in four different temperature zones.

With temperatures as low as -24 degrees Celsius, a temperature controlled feature was fitted to the chargers, ensuring their fleet was available continuously in the cold environment.

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