Iconic American windproof lighter manufacturer Zippo has introduced a range of products especially presented for Grocery retail outlets. The range features entry level Zippo products suitable for impulse purchase, presented in packaging solutions that make it easier for retail outlets to merchandise within their stores.

3141_Universal[2]Steeped in 80 years of history, and one of the world’s most recognised products, the Zippo Windproof Lighter has become a symbol of style that consumers to choose to express their personality. The trademark ‘click’, streamlined design and forever guarantee where “it works or Zippo fixes it for free”, has made the product synonymous with quality and functionality. The pocket lighters feature the same rugged and reliable design as the original 1930s models including the trademark flint-wheel ignition system, rugged metal construction, hinged lid and one-hand operation.

Over the past five years the brand has been reinvigorated by a global marketing programme to engage younger consumers, and global sales have grown at a rate of around 20% year-on-year for the past three years. The UK grocery sector has yet to fully capitalise on this consumer appetite, which is why Zippo has introduced new, lower cost options in space-saving packaging suitable for in-store merchandising.

Best for consumer entry into refillable lighter market

The Zippo All in One Kit incorporates the bestselling model 200 brushed chrome Windproof Lighter, a tin of premium Zippo lighter fluid and a 6 flint dispenser in one convenient pack. The product comes packaged in a blister card pack ready to hang either behind the till or at the till exits. £19.60

Repeat sales opportunity

Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid fuel is clean burning, fast ignition and a special formula; it will keep Zippo Windproof Lighters and Zippo Hand Warmers working at their best. Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid comes in a 125ml can. £2.95

Enticing product display

The Zippo Brushed Chrome Windproof Lighter is by far the UK’s best seller, selling three times more than any other Zippo lighter. Retailers who previously only sold lighter fluid typically get a 20% lift in lighter fluid sales once the lighter is added to the assortment.

This new self-display box of brushed chrome Zippo Windproof Lighters contains six hang tag blister packs which can be displayed in the box on the counter or hung in the gantry behind the tills. Case studies from Zippo North American show that adding a Zippo lighter to a store assortment does not adversely affect disposable lighter sales but is an incremental sale for the retailer. RRP for the Zippo Windproof Lighter blister pack is £16.25

Jon Sweeney, General Manager Zippo UK, commented: “The Zippo brand is known and loved by UK consumers for being rugged, dependable and stylish. The huge range of designs attracts a wide segment of consumers eager to express their individual personalities, but to date we’ve generally seen consumers made considered purchases of Windproof Lighters due to price point and variety.

By introducing a new range of lower-cost, entry level products packaged efficiently for the grocery market, retailers are able to capitalise on consumers’ desire to buy into the brand’s offering in a far more impulse-led purchase. We’re excited by this new offering – our colleagues in North America have excellent success stories showing real incremental sales for the sector and we look forward to sharing this success with grocery customers here in the UK.”

Zippo is now listed with UK’s largest grocery supermarket Tesco; stocking the Zippo brushed chrome windproof lighter blister guard model in selected tobacco kiosks.

If you’re interested in finding out more or stocking the Zippo Grocery range, please contact sales@zippo.co.uk / 020 8964 0666, or visit www.zippo.co.uk for further information

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