Intrepid Fox, the pre-packaged, single serve ‘wine in a glass’ from Wine Innovations, has joined in the fun at the annual Stone Food & Drink Festival, Staffordshire’s biggest gathering for gastronomic enthusiasts. Popping up at several locations around the town, Intrepid Fox is perfect for outdoor events where glass is prohibited, and where vendors at busy bars need to serve drinks at the fastest possible rate to meet demand.


Specifically designed to be quick and easy to serve, Intrepid Fox comes sealed with a peelable foil lid, allowing customers to carry several units of Intrepid Fox away from crowded bars and concession stalls without fear of spills or breakages. The design of the PET ‘glass’ affords customers the added benefit of drinking a good quality wine on-the-go, from a ‘glass’ that closely resembles a traditional wine glass in look and feel.

The festival, which takes place every year, has become one of the Midlands’ biggest and busiest culinary attractions. The town transforms over the weekend into a buzzing hive of activity, with live cooking demonstrations, beer and food tasting, street food, pop-up bars and restaurants, and a farmer’s market.

With the majority of activity taking place outdoors and across multiple sites, including Stone’s picturesque Town Centre, the easily carried and shatterproof PET ‘glass’ made Intrepid Fox the perfect accompaniment to the day’s festivities.

Renu Sunak, Business Development Manager at Wine Innovations, the makers of Intrepid Fox ‘wine in a glass’, commented: “It is not surprising to see Intrepid Fox making an appearance at events such as Stone Food & Drink Festival, as this sort of environment is where the product really shines. There is a great demand for good quality wine at these events, particularly with so much delicious food on offer, and people simply don’t want to drink it out of disposable plastic pint glasses or paper cups.”


She further commented: “This festival has got a lot busier over the years. Mobile caterers will often find that, at high-traffic events, the ability to serve units fast enough is a severe limitation on revenue. Intrepid Fox is the natural solution to that problem; you can easily serve several units at once, and do so much quicker than when decanting from a bottle.”

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