Clinova has announced the launch of new oral rehydration salt tablets, O.R.S, in UK supermarkets and grocery retailers. Specially developed by pharmacists, O.R.S tablets are designed to replenish the body’s supply of salts and water to help restore an optimal fluid balance in the body.

The great tasting, soluble, lemon flavoured tablets contain glucose, salts and electrolytes which help the body absorb sodium and other essential nutrients which can be depleted when dehydration occurs. The unique formulation of O.R.S helps to support hydration in a variety of different situations including:

• Recovering from illness when fluid and mineral levels are likely to be low

• Rehydrating quickly and effectively after exercise

• Maintaining hydration levels when travelling to countries with hot climates

• Following excessive alcohol consumption draining the body of vital nutrients

Loss of appetite, head rushes and fatigue are symptoms that many consumers may not recognise as signs of dehydration. When consumers are in the stores looking for products relating to these kind of health concerns, retailers should take the opportunity to explain the benefits of hydration and suggest taking oral rehydration salts, as recommended by The World Health Organisation to help ensure the body maintains an optimal level of hydration.

O.R.S is available in compact, portable and colourful packs of 12 or 24 tablets which make it ideal for on-shelf merchandising. Andrew Lane, Clinova Chief Pharmacy Officer and Vice Chairman of the National Pharmacy Association, comments: “We are delighted to introduce O.R.S to the UK market. The importance of rehydrating after exercise is well known but with today’s busy lifestyles people often don’t drink enough water and it’s easy for consumers to forget how vital it is to maintain fluid levels.”

“The launch of O.R.S will provide retailers with a cost effective and practical new treatment which can be recommended for use by consumers. O.R.S is effective in a range of different treatment applications meaning retailers will be able to benefit from continuous sales opportunities throughout the year, thus maximising their return on investment.”

At the first sign of dehydration, retailers should instruct consumers to dissolve two O.R.S tablets in a glass of water to make a still and refreshing lemon drink. The tasty low calorie alternative to energy drinks and handy substitute for rehydration sachets is suitable for adults and children.


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