Fast, reliable, efficient microwave ovens deliver three-minute chilli in popular high street restaurant.

9bfe472773b3ee3a_orgIn a bustling high street restaurant that also does take-aways and delivery, the pressure can be intense. Fast, reliable cooking appliances are a must. “We use our three Samsung microwaves for just about everything,” says Glen Whitbread, owner of Nibbles Restaurant, the busy Bevan Street eatery in the Suffolk coast tourist town of Lowestoft. “I’ve always used them: they do exactly what I want them to.”

Nibbles is a popular cafe catering for locals, tourists, and businesses. As well as serving a stream of sit down customers, Nibbles offers take-aways and has a delivery service to local offices and factories. During the buffet breakfast, served till 11am, the cafe’s three Samsungs are on the go just about all the time cooking beans, tomatoes and the like.

Glen buys microwaves from Ripples, the commercial microwave oven specialist. “The great thing about Samsungs is that they are so reliable,” says Glen. “That’s why I keep going back to them.”

The Samsungs are compact models but they have an oversize 26 litre oven cavity. This is 35% larger than conventional compact commercial microwave ovens, which means they are good not only for single servings but also multiple portions. “We use them to warm up most meals, they’re big enough to handle big dinner plates and multi-portion trays.”

There’s limited space at Nibbles and the Samsung microwaves’ compact footprint helps save space – the more so since two of them are stacked, one on the other. Plus, since they produce very little in the way of waste heat or steam, there’s no need for extra extraction. “We hardly ever need to use our ventilation system,” says Glen.

Looking after the Samsungs is simple. Their stainless steel construction makes it easy to wipe down, inside and out, and the removable roof lining and air filters are dish-wash safe, making cleaning a cinch. All Nibbles’ food is homemade and Glen describes it as ‘old English, farmhouse style.’ Often it’s prepared in advance then chilled or frozen, and regenerated in the microwaves. Two of the Samsungs are 1850W manual models with dial controls, the third is a 1500W touch button unit, which can be programmed for popular dishes.

“They are all very fast. Mostly we use them on full power and just dial in the cooking time.”

The number one dish at Nibbles, in terms of popularity, is Glen’s chilli con carne. “The Samsungs are great for heating a portion quickly and thoroughly,” he says. “Pop a bowl in, give it three minutes, pull it out and it’s ready to serve. Perfect.”

Samsung is one of the world’s largest microwave oven brands. Samsung Professional Appliances distributes throughout the UK and Europe and offers a comprehensive choice of commercial microwave ovens, from large-capacity, ‘super-heavy duty’ 1850W units down to light-commercial, budget-priced 1100W models. All are backed by a full three year parts & labour warranty. Uropa Distribution is the UK wholesaler of Samsung commercial microwave ovens.

For more information visit , tel 0845 146 2604 or email Ripples Microwaves can be found at

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