dsc_0208Over one hundred guests turned out to show their support for the UK’s finest oyster openers at the Tabasco® British Oyster Opening Championship at Richard Corrigan’s famous Oyster bar – Bentley’s. Twelve contestants battled it out for the British title including two women – a first for the championship – but there was no stopping Fredrik Lindfors who made it his 3rd win in the last 5 years. Fredrik opened 30 oysters in an outstanding 3 minutes 18 seconds. A close second was Sam Tamsanguan of Wilton’s restaurant, and third place was given to Corrigan’s representative, Cristian Macovei.

Among those keen to cheer on the UK’s finest shuckers were Ainsley Harriott, Floella Benjamin, Tom Parker Bowles, Amy Lame, Claire Nasir and Chris Hawkin, Brian Turner and of course Richard Corrigan – all of whom sampled the first Loch Ryan natives of the season. Ainsley, Richard and highly acclaimed food writer Alastair Hendy decided to have a go at shucking themselves – a triumphant Richard was the clear winner and celebrated by eating all that he’d opened, in record time, liberally laced with Tabasco® Pepper Sauce.

Fredrik – The 2010 Tabasco® British Oyster Opener of the Year will represent Britain in the International Championship in Galway later this month.

For further information about Tabasco®, visit www.tabasco.com

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