Leading consumer adhesives brand Araldite® is launching a series of cartoons featuring the Stickmen – that’s Stickman and Sketch – aimed at users of all ages.


Araldite® products are used extensively by DIYers and trade professionals alike and the cartoon strips will provide a humorous take on product applications seen from the perspective of the eponymous characters.

The concept has been developed by Araldite®’s UK agency Tregartha Dinnie and will initially be run out via the brand’s website and in Social Media.

Araldite® DIY products are marketed and distributed in the UK by Velcro Limited. Sophie Walker, Marketing Manager, Consumer EMEA says the idea helps give the brand a personality to distinguish it from the competition.


“We know that ‘Stickmen’ are the way almost all children start to draw humans – and many adults never really progress much beyond that stage – so this is a character style that everyone will identify with and remember. The cartoon strips will also remind people of the value and applications associated with Araldite® adhesives but first and foremost they are eye-catching and amusing to consumers young and old.”


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