Europe’s number 1 Sports Nutrition brand[1], Myprotein, is launching into the grocery sector with its first listing in the Co-op.

Available on shelves nation-wide from 18th November will be its Birthday Cake flavour 6 Layer Bar, a Double Chocolate and Caramel Filled Protein Cookie, and the Carb Crusher in Fudge Brownie flavour.

The Layered Bar is Myprotein’s most indulgent protein bar, with six layers of taste and texture and packed with over 20g of protein. The bar was launched early this year as a guilt-free snack to support fitness ambitions in a more convenient way.

The Carb Crusher a triple-layered protein bar, topped with crunchy crispies and coated in chocolate. Each one contains a huge 23g of protein while being low in sugar, and is loaded with additional ingredients such as essential minerals magnesium and zin, to support customers’ wellbeing.

Lastly, is the Double Chocolate and Caramel Filled Protein Cookie, which has a gooey caramel centre, chocolate chips and a rich dough, but still remains an easy way to keep on top of daily nutrition with 20g of protein and less than 1g of sugar.

The RRP for all three products will be £2.50.

Myprotein, which currently has 8 million unique customers globally, hasn’t been available through grocery channels before, but with the Total Sports Nutrition market in growth by 13%, and Sports Nutrition bars growing further ahead at 23.8%[2], this expansion is set to meet wider consumer, and retailer, demands.

Matthew Moulding, Founder and CEO of THG, said “The Sports & Nutrition category has experienced considerable growth over the past three years as high protein bars and snacks have diversified beyond its core audience.

“As we see a shift in consumer attitudes towards protein and a bigger focus on lifestyle choices, sports and nutrition has become less niche and now appeals to more mainstream shoppers.

“This change in consumer behaviour is something we have seen through our online audience and the demand for our bars and snacks in an easily accessible on-the-go format is in higher demand than ever as people see them playing a role as a healthy alternative to traditional confectionery.

Launching into retail presents the perfect opportunity to cater to those consumer demands and move beyond that to a broader audience.”

For Myprotein, which already has a higher brand awareness than Grenade, Fulfil, Pro2Go,[3] this is the first of several potential roll-outs in the retail space, with further formats also being developed.

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