grow-up-end-frameBritain’s favourite sweet corn brand, Green Giant, is reminding consumers of the value and versatility of the product through a national advertising campaign, running this summer.

Spearheading the activity is a national TV campaign, which is being aired from the middle of June until the end of August and will be broadcast nationally on terrestrial and satellite television channels.

The advertisement features a condensed version of the familiar and successful Grow Up commercial, where two young boys are sitting at a kitchen table discussing the role of food in their lives and the fact that ‘you are what you eat’. The last portion of the advertisement, which is brand new creative, will explain how Green Giant is mums’ ally promoting sweet corn as a great way to guarantee empty plates at dinner time.

The new ad will show empty plates which highlight that sweet corn is one of the vegetables that kids actually enjoy eating; and, that cooking with it means that mums will get more value for their money as there will be no wastage.

Ed Culf, Marketing Director, General Mills UK, says: “Sweet corn is one of British kids’ favourite vegetables. If children like what they are eating then they will eat more and parents can rest easy in the knowledge that sweet corn is good for them too.

“The ad underlines the strong consumer appeal and value of the Green Giant range, while also highlighting that it will give you at least one of your daily recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables.

“We are investing heavily in TV this year – of Green Giant’s total £5.7 million marketing investment, £4.6 million is dedicated to national TV advertising.”

Green Giant is also targeting the internet, which is the main source of information for mums looking for meal inspiration, to convey the versatility of sweet corn. The brand will reach millions by placing banner advertisements on popular websites such as BBC Good Food, 4Food as well as MSN. These sites feature a number of delicious tried and tested family favourites, such as macaroni & cheese and fish pie.

Green Giant is the UK’s No. 1 sweet corn brand and is now worth £42.2 million (+9.2% year on year), accounting for over two-thirds of sweet corn category value.

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