littleseed launch range of British rapeseed oils

It’s got eleven times more omega 3 than olive oil and has the lowest saturated fat content of all oils. Introducing a healthier, versatile cooking oil, that’s also British, so you’re spending less on food miles too!

Everyday Essential New brand littleseed, are on a mission to establish homegrown extra virgin rapeseed oil as the ultimate store cupboard essential. With an RRP of £2.89 for 500ml, they aim to be the oil of choice for everyday family cooking, whilst educating consumers about the benefits of this nutrient packed little seed.

Recipe Transformation

Rapeseed oil has a naturally high smoking point which makes it the perfect choice for frying. High temperatures do not spoil its antioxidants, character, colour, flavour – or its health benefits. With a distinctive nutty taste, when used hot or cold, rapeseed oil can be used for baking, drizzling, dipping or roasting and frying.

Littleseed are also launching three flavoured rapeseed oils – each with tasty herby additions. Aiming to brighten up your mid-week favourites, whether they are freshly prepared or a convenience fix from the supermarket. There’s an oil for everyone to jazz up the taste – and they help towards your daily dose of omegas and vitamins.

RRP £2.45 per 250ml bottle

Pizza Drizzle Oil – with Chilli, Oregano and Garlic Potato Wedges Oil – with Garlic and Herb Spicy Stir Fry Oil – with Ginger, Chilli and Garlic

Field to Fork Littleseed oils hail from Yorkshire. Their golden oil is the product of the bright yellow crops that adorn our countryside in summer. Littleseed are focused on a sustainable seed to bottle approach; the seeds are cold pressed in a natural, chemical-free way once harvested. Their farming and production operations are as simple and ethical as possible, with all crops grown on their own farm and other trusted farms. The seeds are pressed and bottled on the farm with minimal environmental impact, ready to hit your kitchen shelves.

Littleseed founder Adam Palmer comments; “Our aim is to bring home grown rapeseed oil to the masses. Once people learn about the fantastic health benefits – and ease and flexibility of cooking with rapeseed oil, it makes for a repeat supermarket purchase. We advocate buying British produce – and are proud to contribute to a more sustainable, everyday option for consumers.”

littleseed oils are made from Yorkshire rapeseed and are available via Amazon


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