Robert Foster & Son Ltd, based in the heart of a Lincoln, is a successful traditional butcher and baker run by brothers, Mark and Paul Foster. The company is well known throughout Lincoln and has served the local area for over a century, supplying fine cuts of beef, lamb, pork and poultry, all of which have been sourced locally. Visitors to the shop can also sample freshly baked breads, pastries, pies and filled rolls, which are prepared daily in the bakery.

Mark-Foster-the-butcher-is-a-key-user-of-Granosan[7]As its range of foods is prepared on the premises, the shop has to ensure that its fare meets the highest standards for freshness and quality. In order to consistently achieve its five star food hygiene rating for the cleanliness of its premises, the shop’s preferred general hygiene product is Granosan – a multi-purpose sanitiser, detergent and deodoriser developed by Granwax Products Ltd.

Containing a blend of QAC bactericide, non-ionic detergents and water softening agents, Granosan is an odourless sanitiser that is safe for use on all food preparation surfaces. Speaking about what makes Granosan the perfect choice, Paul Foster, owner of Robert Foster & Son Ltd, explained, “We’ve used Granosan for 20 years now. The product is easy to use which in turn means that we have little trouble when it comes to training our new staff to use it. Its tried and tested blend works brilliantly – it provides good dilution and is cost effective but more importantly, it satisfies the rigorous cleaning requirements set by environmental health officers. We are thoroughly happy with its results.”

Granosan is part of a range of general hygiene products which can be used for cleaning toilets, toilet and shower blocks, windows and food preparation areas as it is effective against a broad range of organisms.

Carl Blythe, Director of Granwax Products Ltd, added, “We are very proud that Granosan is the hygiene product of choice for Robert Foster & Son Ltd – a key customer. It leaves a streak-free shine on surfaces with no build-up and is completely food-safe. It helps out customers increase their productivity while reducing costs and delivers on our commitment to help our customers work more efficiently and safely.”


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