This summer A G Barr is giving consumers every opportunity to ‘grab the great taste of IRN-BRU’, the UK’s No1 impulse flavoured carbonate brand*.

The UK’s leading independent manufacturer of branded soft drinks is backing its flagship brand with a phenomenal support package that will significantly increase consumer demand beyond IRN-BRU’s Scottish heartland.

The national £3 million media programme is spearheaded by a TV campaign which includes the first IRN-BRU commercial ever made specifically for consumers outside Scotland. The TV commercial breaks on May 9 in England and runs for 3 months.

Combining live action and animation, the commercial is set to a pacy Paulo Nutini summer soundtrack. In it, a young couple have some fun by putting their heads through two seaside cardboard cut-outs. The cut-outs come to life, leading to a hilarious chain of events as the couple try and outwit each other to get their hands on a can of IRN-BRU.

“The commercial is another IRN-BRU classic and starts a summer-long campaign which will reinforce IRN-BRU’s position as a growing ‘national’ brand,” says Adrian Troy, A G Barr’s Head of Marketing.

‘As a total business Barrs has had an exceptional year in England & Wales where we have grown +32%** over the last 12 months. A key factor in our success is the performance of IRN-BRU where Impulse sales are growing at +18%***, twice the rate of the soft drinks market and it has achieved an 8%*** share of the impulse flavoured carbonates market in England & Wales.’’

The summer campaign, part of a £15 million annual investment in IRN-BRU, also includes a phenomenal national online competition offering consumers the chance of actually starring in the IRN-BRU advert for a one off screening during June.

People on the move will also be targeted via 48 sheet posters and bus sides and internet users will also see the ‘summer special’ commercial through video on demand.

This summer’s level of trade support will also be phenomenal. Great value IRN-BRU promotion packs and formats will be launched throughout the summer including the return of the popular 500ml BIG cans, price marked at 69p this year. Limited edition multi-packs will also be available along with eye-catching POS and branded merchandise, including branded dump bins, posters and wobblers, enabling retailers to bring the ‘Grab the great taste of IRN-BRU’ activity to life in-store.

‘This will firmly position IRN-BRU as the perfect summer drink and provide a feel good factor, whatever the weather has in store for us! This shows that IRN-BRU’s unique taste is something that consumers want to get their hands on in summer. Backed by the heavyweight campaign, the brand will be a major performer on the soft drinks fixture and represent a massive sales opportunity for retailers in England & Wales in the coming months,” adds Adrian Troy.

IRN-BRU will also be continuing its sponsorship as the Official Soft Drink of  the Rugby Football League and Rugby Super League. An estimated 2 million fans attend the games with a further 5 million viewing the IRN-BRU sponsored coverage on Sky Sports, on air for 40 weeks of the year, providing excellent visibility and awareness for the brand in England & Wales.

* Source: Nielsen, Total GB Impulse Value MAT 19.03.11

** Source: Nielsen, Total GB England & Wales Value MAT 19.03.11

*** Source: Nielsen, Total Impulse Eng & Wales Value MAT 19.03.11

A G Barr

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