EMPIRE BESPOKE FOODS has made a significant move into the speciality coffee market with the launch of two Swiss-made, premiumquality instant coffee brands.

The new products – Bushido and Egoiste – are owned by the Hors’ Group (HG) and are now being sold and distributed in the UK by Empire Bespoke Foods following the outstanding success of the brands in other international markets.

Nick Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director of Empire Bespoke Foods, told The Grocery Trader: “As part of our continuing commitment to inspire our customers with quality products and indulgent flavours from around the world, we are delighted to launch two superb brands in Bushido and Egoiste. Both brands use only 100% Arabica coffee beans and contain only the top 20% of coffee beans from each crop.”

Instant coffee continues to lead the market in terms of at-home consumption and one of the most important trends in the sector is the growing popularity of “gourmet” coffees, particularly among younger adults.

“This is the growth sector that we are keen to target with Bushido and Egoiste as both of these premiumquality product ranges offer something very exciting and unique,” said Nick Thomas.


Empire Bespoke Foods has launched three new coffees under the Bushido label and has already secured listings with Amazon, within prestigious London stores such as Harrods, Partridge’s and Mr Christian and through numerous independent/impulse, speciality foods and farm shop retailers.

The concept behind the Bushido range of three “gourmet” coffee products is the creation of a perfect harmony between the eastern Bushido philosophy based on Samurai ethics and morality and the western expertise of coffee-making. In order to produce instant coffees following the best eastern traditions, HG chose Swiss facilities because of their advanced technology and ability to recreate the authentic taste of smooth and fruity, wood-roasted Japanese coffee with a unique and memorable flavour. Bushido is produced using unique Freeze Dried technology which helps to retain more natural ingredients and deliver a more delicate taste and extraordinary aroma.

Bushido Original: This Buenaventura coffee blend is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans grown on South American hillsides and roasted to deliver a refined, delicate and harmonious aroma.

Bushido Black Katana: A Veracruz blend of instant coffee produced from 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America and then roasted on coals to create a strong, consistent, well-balanced taste.

Bushido Gold 24K: Sold in Harrods, this outstanding and rejuvenating coffee features rare grades of 100% high-hill Arabica beans from Equatorial Africa with the addition of 24 carat edible gold. This “magical” added ingredient not only provides a great talking point around the dinner table but also increases the antioxidant effect.


Egosite is produced in Switzerland using the most advanced equipment and unique, patented In-Fi Technology. This cutting-edge technology evenly distributes the natural finely-ground roasted coffee amongst all the soluble coffee crystals. This results in granules of instant coffee with grains of natural, finely-ground roasted coffee inside each freeze-dried particle.

The ingenious new process protects the ground coffee from oxidation and preserves the genuine aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans which is then released when hot water is added. As a result, consumers can enjoy a cup of coffee which is full of the rich aroma of a freshly roasted brew and leaves natural coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

The Egoiste range comprises four distinct products offering a wide range of aromas and strengths, presented in elegant, eye-catching packs which feature the Swiss flag and also highlight the unique In-Fi Technology. Egoiste Special is made with 100% Arabica premium coffee beans featuring 20% ground coffee and 80% instant to deliver a rich, full-bodied flavour.

Egoiste VS (Very Special) is made from 100% Kenyan Arabica beans and is a blend of 30% ground coffee and 70% instant. Egoiste XO is described as “the jewel of the Egoiste coffee collection” and is made from the very best 100% Arabica “grand cru” beans.

Egoiste Platinum completes the range and is a freeze-dried coffee made from 100% Columbian Arabica beans which delivers a strong and rich blend with light, fruity notes. “We are delighted to give UK consumers the opportunity to experience the superb quality and taste of Bushido and Egoiste coffee,” said Nick Thomas.


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