has just completed one of its most challenging pallet box deliveries to date, delivering a whopping 19,750 plastic pallet boxes to GA Pet Food Partners, Europe’s leading manufacturer of own label premium dry pet foods.

GA approached looking for a large container that would work seamlessly in their new facility’s fully automated system. Making up dry pet food to customers’ specific batch requirements ranging from three to 200 tonnes whilst handling many different ingredients is a labour-intensive process. Using containers in the new, highly sophisticated automated system would allow GA to cut overheads to operate a much leaner business and significantly speed up the production process. recommended its largest plastic pallet box – the 1400 litre GoPalletBox 1311S 3r measuring 1300mm x 1150mm – which due to its incredible strength is ideal for bulk handling and has a proven track record in automation. The boxes were supplied with lids, specially designed for use in the automated process.

GA ordered 19,750 of the plastic pallet boxes in three different colours; 14,000 in blue for storing finished cooked material, 5,000 in red for storing raw materials and 750 in green for other internal use. Together the boxes offer a tremendous storage capacity of 27.65 million litres – the equivalent of 11 Olympic-sized swimming pools! During production each box was fitted with a writable RFID tag to record the source of the ingredients and the batch date of the pet food within the container, providing GA’s customers with full traceability of all raw ingredients.

The large-scale logistics operation started in November 2017 and finished in June, with all 19,750 plastic pallet boxes and lids transported by 13.6m articulated trucks – more than 470 individual loads – from the manufacturing plant in Ieper, Belgium to GA’s distribution centre in Chorley, Lancashire. Placed end to end, these artic lorries would stretch a distance of 7.802km!

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