yankee_pack_jpgGlendale Foods has further extended its Yankee brand with the launch of a new Deep Fill Lasagne meal. This follows the earlier launch of its ‘with chips’ range of Yankee Home Takeaway varieties, which include fries with the brand’s most popular frozen snacks, such as Doner Kebab and Southern Fried Chicken Burger.

A big 900g portion serving four people, Yankee Deep Fill Lasagne can be microwaved from frozen in just 20 minutes or reheated in a conventional oven, producing a tasty, satisfying and nutritious traditional pasta dish. Comprising layers of rich beef and pork bolognese, creamy béchamel sauce and authentic pasta sheets, topped with parmesan cheese, the recipe was developed from restaurant-grade lasagne meals, devised by Glendale for the foodservice sector. This new line has a competitive RRP of £1.99 and price-marked packs are available for independent retailers, a merchandising strategy that has proven popular with smaller stockists.

The UK spends more on convenience food than any other European country, but unlike the US and most other markets, which favour frozen products, the chilled sector accounts for the largest share of the domestic market. This reflects UK consumer perceptions of higher quality and freshness, although Glendale Foods suggests this is not necessarily the case and that driving down price points has helped create negative images of frozen food.

“In other markets like the US, the convenience food sector is dominated by frozen lines and there are not the same negative connotations,” says Chairman, John Mortimer. “After all, freezing is a natural way of preserving food and flash freezing seals in the colour, freshness, texture, nutritional value and flavour. It also gives products a greatly extended shelf life.”

“Besides, many chilled meals are frozen at home when they reach their ‘use by’ date and domestic freezers are designed to store frozen food, not freeze fresh produce,” he continues. “In contrast, commercially-frozen products lock in the nutrients naturally, with no large ice crystals damaging the cell structure, and are designed to be cooked from frozen, holding their original structure and tasting every bit as good as their chilled counterparts.”

Lasagne is one of this country’s most popular convenience meals and Glendale’s development kitchen has perfected a luxurious, deep-filled version that holds its shape and layering on the plate and delivers an authentic, classic Italian taste. An improved, creamier béchamel sauce has been developed for Yankee Deep Fill Lasagne, layered with durum wheat pasta and a rich ragu of prime beef and pork mince, chopped tomatoes and tomato puree. Moreover, Glendale’s modern processing facilities mean that it can cook, then individually quick freeze this product in just 15 minutes.

Glendale says that this new Yankee product has the same shelf appeal and flavour as chilled lines, offers an extended shelf life and saves consumers the bother of having to freeze their purchases themselves!

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