Personal care products are a key part of every supermarket’s offering. From the biggest superstore to the smallest convenience format outlet, these products sit in the grocery nonfood section of every supermarket and play a vital role as traffic builders in bringing shoppers in. Major companies like Procter & Gamble taking the lead by supplying signal brands consumers recognise and trust. Talking to The Grocery Trader, John Drake, Head of Convenience at P&G said:

“Personal care is a big and important category in which we continue to innovate to meet consumer needs. With 50% of UK consumers experiencing dandruff, P&G’s Head & Shoulders is the number 1 shampoo brand in the UK and Ireland with a 13.2% share. R&D is at the core of everything we do. We have just delivered a reformulation across all our female SKU’s offering additional product and beauty benefits. By shrinking the size of the zinc particles in ZPT, the active ingredient in Head & Shoulders, we have made the formula better than ever and more efficacious to use.

“In the face care category, male shaving habits and practices continue to change over time. Men shave less frequently and stubble is part of popular culture, but recently we’ve seen increases in the number of men who say they are clean-shaven, reflecting a new mood. Two recent big pieces of NPD in this area are Gillette ProGlide Flexible, in 2015, which returned the category to growth and drove the first increase in razor penetration in over five years. In 2016 we launched ProShield, which gained an 11% market share in the first nine months of its launch. Over 5.5 million UK men buy one of these products, representing over half of wet shavers.

“Personal care is hugely important to convenience retailing and offers strong opportunities to build the business by focusing on signpost brands and power sku’s that offer consumers the benefits they are seeking. Our key products in convenience outlets are Head & Shoulders Classic, Gillette Mach 3, Always Ultra Pads and Tampax price marked packs.

“We are working with retailers in all channels to make our brands available wherever people shop and offer a range of relevant products dependent on the shopping mission. Our goal is to simplify and focus our offering as a company across all the categories by reducing the number of SKUs and focusing on tangible, desirable benefits, underpinned by a real consumer insight.”

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