Available for the first time to UK retailers, the Almased programme is Germany’s most successful health and weight loss product.


Developed over 25 years ago Almased is a meal replacement powder made from fermented soya, probiotic yogurt and enzyme-rich honey. It is gluten-free, vegetarian, non-GMO and contains no added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavours, fillers or stimulants.

Following the 14- day Figure Plan programme of replacing up to 3 meals a day with 5 tablespoons of Almased (mixed with water or low-fat milk), Almased offers sustainable weight loss of around 10lbs in two weeks and health benefits that include: reduced cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improvement to the contributing factors of diabetes. The good news is that once the initial diet period is over, supplementing regular daily meals with just one Almased meal per day will sustain the lost weight. The product is scientifically proven to not only stimulate weight loss, but to promote health and wellbeing, boost energy levels and maintain weight loss.

To replicate the success of Germany’s number 1 selling weight loss product, Almased UK is now seeking partnerships with retail outlets to extend its supply chain nationwide and to emulate Germany’s 25 year success rate.


Nutritionist and CEO of Almased UK, Kevin Greene, says “Almased is a household name in Germany, sold in every pharmacy throughout the country; it’s quite common to walk into a store and see rows and rows of brightly coloured Almased cans. Early sales in the UK are extremely promising; we are supported by high profile national media advertising and at present are being featured in numerous publications, following successful journalist reviews on the product. Now is the time for retailers to approach us for partnerships, to extend our supply network nationwide”.

In a recent survey whereby 100 British women took Almased for 30 days, 87% said it helped them lose weight, 83% said they didn’t feel hungry and 70% noticed a marked improvement in their overall health and wellbeing.

Kevin Greene continued “Scientific studies by renowned Universities have demonstrated that Almased helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and has a positive effect for those with Diabetes. We also have numerous cases of Almased users who have experienced hugely positive and beneficial effects to their health, thanks to the unique composition of Almased and the synergistic effects the ingredients have on the body”.

Almased offers full nutritional support to customers, a scientifically designed diet plan and a proven track record for being Germany’s best selling diet product.


Tel: 020 7969 1886

Email: info@almased.co.uk   


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