In a cutting edge move to raise awareness around trusted pharmacy remedies, Omega Pharma, the fifth largest OTC company in the UK and Ireland, has launched their £1.2 million Generations of Care campaign.


The programme, which runs from October 2013 and into 2014, taps into the consumer desire for credible and trusted British brands, reviving both pharmacy and public awareness of six core products in the Omega Pharma portfolio, namely Buttercup Syrup, TCP Antiseptic Liquid, Zantac 75 Relief heartburn and indigestion tablets, Abidec Multivitamin Drops for children, Metatone Tonic and Hedex Extra pain relief tablets.

With a focus on brands which encompass the values of heritage, trust and care, the Generations of Care campaign will remind consumers and pharmacies alike what is great about these six iconic brands.

Louise White, Marketing Manager for Omega Pharma, who is leading the Generations of Care campaign comments: “In times of austerity, we see consumers turn to nostalgic and familiar brands, particularly when it comes to health and wellbeing. People want to be in control of their health, using products they know and trust. The brands which are part of the Generations of Care campaign have been passed down through generations and have the heritage behind them that gives consumers the confidence to use them to treat themselves and their families.”

The brands involved help manage the symptoms of some of the most common pharmacy ailments including:

• Coughs and colds: Buttercup Cough Syrups contain a unique combination of natural active ingredients and have been used by mothers for over 30 years to help soothe their family’s cough and cold symptoms.

• Infection and pain: TCP Antispetic Liquid is the nation’s favourite first aid antiseptic liquid. Used by generations of mums since 1918 the versatile formula can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, protecting against infections, germs and soothing cuts, grazes and stings

• Heartburn and indigestion: Zantac 75 Relief has been a family favourite for over 30 years. The soothing tablets help relieve and prevent heart burn and acid indigestion associated with the consumption of food and drink

• Boosting immunity: For over three decades, mums have turned to Metatone Tonic to help restore their family’s health and vitality when they may be feeling tired and run down during and after illness

• Infant nutrition: The Abidec Multivitamin range has been supporting the growth of healthy babies and children for over sixty years. All products in the range contain a child’s 100 per cent recommended daily allowance of vitamin D and are specially formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to help safeguard a healthy diet for babies and children

• Pain relief: The Hedex range provides fast and effective relief from headaches including migraines, tension headaches and other common aches and pains. Hedex can also help to reduce fever, sore throats and other symptoms associated with colds and flu

“Pharmacy teams make many over the counter recommendations every day and have extensive experience advising on family health,” comments Virginia Watson, former President of the National Association of Women Pharmacists.

“Established brands that have been available in pharmacy for generations and are used time and again as pharmacy teams can be confident they are recommending a tried and tested medicine.”

The £1.2 million Generations of Care campaign, which kicks off in October, is supported by above and below the line activities including national print advertising in women’s magazines. Trade press and bespoke in store POS materials will remind pharmacy teams about the role Buttercup, TCP, Zantac, Abidec, Metatone and Hedex can play in supporting family health. A targeted PR campaign is being fronted by TV and radio presenter Janet Ellis, perhaps most well known for her time on Blue Peter, who embodies the values of the Generation of Care campaign.

Louise concludes: “Our investment in the Generations of Care campaign highlights our dedication to providing consumers with access to high quality pharmacy brands they can trust. Pharmacy plays a pivotal role in family health and we hope this activity reminds pharmacy teams and consumers across the UK of the efficacy and heritage behind these brands.”

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