GALAXY® silk is brought to life with striking new visual creative

Mars Wrigley UK has today unveiled a new TV campaign in support of the GALAXY® brands’ new modern, confident and unapologetic direction for 2021.

Underpinned by the funky rhythms of ‘Makeba’, the breakout song by Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Jain, a coterie of artists, animators and compositors used an array of animation techniques to create an infinitely impressive production that brings GALAXY®’s bold new look to life in a striking visual package.

Packed with vivacious energy, the work – which sees zero gravity fabrics dance across the screen with hypnotic playful abandon – will have a substantial presence across the nation’s TV screens in the coming weeks. The public won’t be able to miss it.

It is a new vibrant look for a bold new era, and the perfect way to introduce the next generation of GALAXY® lovers to the brand’s new exciting portfolio of treats and, of course, the fan favorites that have enshrined GALAXY® chocolate as Britain’s second biggest confectionery brand[1].

Ellyse O’Connor, GALAXY® Senior Brand Manager said:

“There won’t be many people in Britain who haven’t seen a GALAXY® advert over the years. They have always served as great cultural markers of the time and have helped cement GALAXY® chocolate into the hearts and minds of the British public. This beautiful new advert is no different and serves as further proof that the GALAXY® brand never stands still.” 

The GALAXY® re-design was launched at the start of 2021 after a two-and-a-half-year development process, that involved extensive consumer research and a depth of craft that perfectly articulates, in a social and digital age, the boundless pleasure that a GALAXY® treat brings.

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