In one of the most significant moves ever made in the UK’s in-store bakery market, Aryzta Food Solutions is unveiling a major redevelopment of its popular Cuisine de France range, backed by a commitment to providing customers with best-in-category quality, choice, merchandising and in-store training and development.

CroissantThe far-reaching initiative includes a range of new and exclusive products with an artisan bakery theme, classic new product names and a fresh, new look to all Cuisine de France packaging – all intended to enable convenience outlets to promote a boulangerie feel in-store.

“This is much more than a brand relaunch,” says Mariam French, Aryzta Food Solutions’ Head of Marketing UK. “It’s a completely fresh approach to in-store baking, enabling our customers to redefine the category and to use Cuisine de France as a flagship brand to enhance the shopping experience.

“Significant improvements have been made to all the recipes in Cuisine de France’s new ‘hero range’ across both core bakery products and an array of new speciality breads.”

The hero range includes French Bread, Viennoiserie, Sweet Treats, Rolls and a selection of Speciality Breads, meeting the growth in consumer demand for artisanal flavours and textures in the convenience channel.

New product names such as Le Parisien, L’Artisane, Le Rustique and Le Provencal have been introduced, each complemented by a French-style ribbon on the Cuisine de France packaging for immediate consumer recognition and to reinforce the brand’s quality cues of ‘fresh baking’.

Aryzta Food Solutions’ Head of Retail Sales Aoife Kenny says retailers can use Cuisine de France’s unique range of fresh breads and pastries to rediscover the ‘huge profit potential that fresh, in-store baked products provide.’

She said: “More than four out of ten consumers said they would visit a convenience store more frequently if its bakery range was improved and stores with an in-store bakery offer are rated 30% higher for the quality of their bakery offer by shoppers*.

“This is an opportunity that many c-store retailers should consider seriously. We’re taking the in-store bakery experience for both retailers and shoppers to a new level and providing a significant opportunity to drive sales and category growth with a best quality range of high cash margin, freshly-baked products.”

Artizan-Label-VCuisine de France is also providing a dedicated range of merchandising and point of sale material, including rustic-looking fixtures, and working with retailers to focus on the advantages of day-part merchandising.

“Convenience store shoppers are focusing more on freshness. That’s why we’re highlighting the benefits of baking little and often, rather than the traditional ‘one bake a day’. This ensures that ‘freshly-baked’ products are readily available which increases shopper satisfaction,” adds Aoife Kenny.

“This can provide a real point of difference plus a competitive advantage and enable retailers to enhance the shopper experience by offering a freshly-baked aroma when customers visit.”

The power of an in-store bakery is highlighted by research* which shows that the average spend of an in-store bakery shopper is much higher than anaverage convenience shopper (£9.68 vs. £6.13), they buy more (an average of 4.7 items vs. 2.8 items) and their in-store dwell time is also more(6.8 mins vs. 5 mins).
* HIM CTP 2014

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