logo-glace-cherryThe home baking market in the UK continues to enjoy a revival.  Value sales grew by 12.7% between 2007 and 2009, and are expected to increase by a further 9.1% to reach £576 million, according to the latest Mintel report.

With baking manufacturers responding to consumer demand for natural baking ingredients, French glacé cherries from Provence, which traditionally use natural colourings and preservatives in the production process, are set to benefit from the continuing rise in popularity for baking – indeed glacé fruit sales in the UK rose +7.6% between 2007 and 2009.

Jean Pierre CUXAC, producer and President of ANIBI, the trade organisation for French glacé cherries, commented: “The Mintel report shows that the revival in home baking is being led by the 16-34 year olds who appear to be growing in confidence in the kitchen. French glacé cherries are popular with this audience thanks to the simplicity of the product and their colourful and eye-catching addition to any recipe. Our campaign focuses on retelling the French glacé cherry story in a way which is new and exciting for this audience, as well as introducing fun and creative ways of using the product.”

In response to the increasing demand for innovative and accessible recipe ideas for baking fans, French glacé cherries have put in place a media campaign which will target an accumulated audience of 6 million consumers.

The campaign kicks off this month with a partnership with BBC Good Food magazine. French glacé cherries have created four fun and easy baking recipes, featuring the product, which are inserted in the form of recipe cards.  Olive magazine readers are the next target, with a feature in the November issue and two further recipe ideas.  Sainsbury’s shoppers will reap the benefit of French glacé cherry recipe innovation in the December issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine, which will feature a modern Christmas-inspired recipe.

UK bakers and confectioners are not being forgotten either – as it is vital to furnish this core audience with fresh ideas too. So, a final double advertorial feature in both the January and March 2011 issues of Bako magazine will be published, featuring recipe and serving ideas; undoubtedly lapped up by the 8,000 readers.

The campaign will also be running a research campaign amongst key trade players in order to learn more about the potential for the product in future campaigns.  If you would like to take part and get the chance to win an ipad, please send an email to glacecherries@sopexa.com.

Chris Skyrme, Sopexa UK,

020 7312 3644


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