march-foods-hps-lighting-portraitMD Paul Cope of UK-based March Foods was looking for a way to reduce energy consumption in his warehouses. When installer Tom Klimes of Interior Control Ltd presented him with an LED High Bay unit from Dialight, a UK based company specialising in applied LED technology, he knew he had found a solution.

Paul Cope describes the problems he wanted to solve: “We had two 3,250 sqm warehouses with HPS lamps operating 24/5 and Saturdays. The old lamps couldn’t be switched off as they took 10-15 minutes to re-strike and we needed a cherrypicker to replace them at about £2,000 annually, so I wanted a more energy efficient solution. And to be honest, the lighting was getting so that Lord Lucan could have hidden in our warehouse!”

Interior Control replaced the 84x450W HPS lamps on a one-to-one basis with Dialight’s highly robust 150W DuroSite™ Series LED High Bay. Unlike HPS, the LED lighting has instant-on ability, so by working with occupancy sensors it delivers energy savings of 72%, reducing carbon emissions by >100 tonnes annually. The oval pattern of the arrays also means less wasted light on racking and more directed at floor level where measured lux increased from 110 to 221 after the LED installation.

Tom Klimes comments: “LED High Bays will last ten years or more if not in use 24/7, so you really can ‘fit and forget’. Dialight’s are solidly built, durable and they come with a five-year continuous performance warranty from a £77-million UK-based company rather than a three-year warranty from somewhere in China. They also incorporate top quality Cree LEDs and the drivers are well built to a good specification. All in all a sound product and their customer service people are great to work with.”

march-foods-led-lighting-portraitAs a British SME, March Foods was able to have its LED installation funded by a 4-year interest-free loan of £38,000 from the Carbon Trust, so the capital expenditure is effectively funded by the energy savings.

Paul Cope says: “We’re delighted with our LED lights and the five-year guarantee is very important for us. As we chose to avoid rewiring, you might think we’ve over-lit, but the warehouse workers love it. One of them even says that now he feels noticeably less tired at the end of a night shift.”

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